Club Penguin Halloween Party 2014 Commercial

Earlier this week Disney Channel began to air a Game On commercial with Hallie, the host, featuring Club Penguin’s upcoming Halloween Party. It took many hours of recording until I finally got a copy, but alas now I do! This post does contain many Halloween Party 2014 spoilers. Here is the full commercial. It is a minute long:

First and foremost, the party will be on the app and normal Club Penguin. However, on the app it appears that the app will only have the hotel quest and the rest of the island will not be decorated.


At the Puffle Hotel there will be puzzles on different floors in the form of a quest. You need to collect the parts on each floor in order to create a Ghost Puffle Catching Machine. Once the machine is put together you can catch and adopt Ghost Puffles as long as you are a member. Here’s some screenshots from the video:







You can earn items from completing the quest.



It definitely seems like the big focus of the party will be the Puffle Hotel, seeing they didn’t really show off the rest of the island. Hopefully the quest at the Puffle Hotel is good and doesn’t disappoint!

Thanks Richard1222 and Snowball0089 for telling me about the commercial!

64 thoughts on “Club Penguin Halloween Party 2014 Commercial

  1. I really liked the older Halloween Parties where it was more about trick-or-treating and enjoying the festive decorations. Now it feels way too developed and overly spooky.

  2. Will there be items for nonmembers? Because I only see member items, I hope this party does not disappoint us with no items for nonmembers, it’s not fair, members always get everything, why can nonmembers get a chance to get everything for once and a while.

  3. I must say, this looks like an epic party. We can also see the Plaza is decorated, and the dark sky isn’t just over the Hotel, so I think this will be island-wide!

  4. im so getting a ghost puffle! ill name mine spooky, too! she copied it from me! eh, i dont care. also, i like the deer puffles from puffle wild and the wild woods!

  5. Hey penguins! I just wanted to say this site is epic. Cudos to you Trainman! I might even make you a mod… Anyways, I like to see another person promoting/expressing club penguin! Keep up the great work!

  6. Hey Tarin, do you mind if i use the video you recorded and also the pictures in your post (since they don’t have a watermark) in my post? Thanks

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