On This Day In Club Penguin History – September 3

On this day in 2010 there were three updates. The main one was the Fall Fair being released! The whole island was decorated to replicate a carnival. Like at all the other Fair parties in the past, penguins were able to play games to earn tickets. As you can see, in “old CP” parties would start any time of the month and not the third Thursday of the month. The tickets at the Fair could be used at the special prize booth to obtain items. This was Club Penguin’s fourth Fair party, with the first one being in 2007. A little fun fact for the newer Club Penguin players, at all of the Fairs before the 2012 one your tickets were not saved so if you logged off you would go back to having zero tickets when logging back on later.

i263026232_50755_2.jpg (500×313)

There was also a new clothing catalogue released for the month, which featured many new hoodies. Rockhopper also arrived for the Fair party. His rare items catalogue featured some magician related items.


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    • Ah yes! The fair where I got my cotton candy (well one if them) and paddleball !!
      And haha Ultimate I remember doing the same thing! Funny thing is there was a pin that looked almost like that that I got some time later XD

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