German Club Penguin Team Member Federflink1 Is Leaving

If you follow Club Penguin’s official German blog, you may have already heard the news: it was announced the other day that Federflink1 would be leaving to pursue new adventures.


Koa Koralle has made a post on German’s Club Penguin Blog asking you, if you feel like it, to submit your drawings or any type of fan art relating to Federflink1 to The deadline is this Sunday, 9/14.

Best of luck on your next project, Federflink! :)

7 thoughts on “German Club Penguin Team Member Federflink1 Is Leaving

  1. Oh, although the only thing he did for me is publishing meeting times for Gary during the Medieval Party (the server was so empty that I could met Gary with my three penguins – don’t ask why I have three), I will miss him, TT_TT

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