Club Penguin School & Skate Party 2014 Room Sneak Peek

Today on the Portuguese Club Penguin Blog Tulip4zul posted a sneak peek of the School & Skate Party. (update: it is now on the English blog too) The sneak peek is a rough art sketch of one of the party rooms, a mall.


It looks neat, however I would prefer seeing the completed look of the room. :p

The School & Skate Party begins next week on September 18th.

Thanks Adriano for telling me!

29 thoughts on “Club Penguin School & Skate Party 2014 Room Sneak Peek

  1. Nice post, Trainman.

    Actually, that’s not all! Players are also going to be able to paint objects using the snowball menu, it’s so fun that you’ll love it so much as we do, can’t wait for this party!

  2. I think it’s a mall because shopping stores are. Maybe it’s because some girls go shopping after school. And does not look like a school, but time will tell.

  3. CP have planned this out all wrong by making school seem fun and sure these things like shopping and skating are fun but they aren’t necessarily school activities. Where are the large mounds of books or the 3-hour homework? And of course, if the ‘cleaning the school’ idea does go through the party will be irrelevant almost completely to the theme of education. This mall? Sure some people go shopping after school but others go straight home and do their homework (it is not called nerdy it is called organised) or to after school clubs (which still ought not to count as educational schooling but extra-curricular activities). I still think this is edging too far towards a preppy teen stereotypical American college party with cheerleaders and jocks and not the school that most CP players (10 and under) know.

  4. That looks more to a mall then a School?!

    Club penguins School and skate party idea is Good but they should let us expierence the Fun and not Skipping classes to skate or Shopping also cp has to be aware of it that a school party is THE party for bullies to visit cp and to bullie/bully other penguins :/

  5. i seriously think this is a mall.
    Anyway in the letter from megg thing on the blog it says: How much fun is back to school shopping? (Answer: SO MUCH FUN!!!)
    So i seriously think this is the mall for the party. it looks sweet

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