Polo Field and Megg Do The Ice Bucket Challenge

Yesterday Spike Hike challenged Polo Field to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, and with the help of Megg the two made a video completing it! The video has been posted on the blog, which you can watch below. Here is the full post:

As some of you may know, Spike Hike nominated me to pour a bucket of ice cold water over Polo Field. This is all part of the “Ice Bucket Challenge” that many are taking to help create awareness and find a cure for ALS (otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.)

ALS effects the way people move, meaning their bodies will gradually become paralyzed because their muscles no longer work.

The challenge is to donate to the cause at alsa.org within 24 hours of being nominated or… get ice water dumped on you. We’re doing both! We’re challenging the Club Penguin office to donate to this worthy cause, AND we’re taking the Ice Bucket Challenge…