Club Penguin’s August 2014 Penguin Style Released Early On Mobile App

To add to the leaks relating to Club Penguin’s Frozen Party, the team accidentally released the August 2014 Penguin Style on the Club Penguin app a week before it was meant to be released. As a result some lucky penguins have gotten an early look at next month’s styles. Before Club Penguin took it down I made sure to take screenshots of the catalogue. You cannot purchase the items so I do not know the names of anything, although since a majority of the items are Frozen related you can probably guess that the items have names such as “Olaf Costume” or “Elsa Costume”.













The August 2014 Penguin Style will be officially released nextThursday, August 7th. By the way, I have so many coins because I did the DJ3K million coins glitch in 2008 on a test penguin I never use. Trainman’s password is so long and difficult to type on mobile that I didn’t bother signing into him. :P

Thanks to Azerty15 as well as Saraapril and Puppy5114 for bringing this to my attention.

33 thoughts on “Club Penguin’s August 2014 Penguin Style Released Early On Mobile App

  1. I remember that a “Spanish?” team a few years ago accidentaly uploaded the Furniture or Igloo Catalog to early xD
    But seriously, I wanna say THX to the cp team they did LOTS of AMAZING work on this Frozen Party, the clothing is very Cool ;) you get it? :) haha

    And i can’t wait for this party Im DEFENITLY gonna Renew my Membership for this :D <3 #Frozen is an amazing movie btw x3

  2. Literally was going to tell you about this on the CP app before you posted this article XD, CP still haven’t fixed it yet and because of it all penguins I had saved on my profile are gone :-/

  3. Hi Train, I was just wondering how does V0rtex find all the exclusive stuff? Are they in the Club Penguin app files? bc I’m trying to look in them and all I can find is the mini game stuff

  4. Trainman, the cp team haven’t taken it down yet. I was just playing. I emailed them too. I’ll tell you what they say when they reply.

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