Club Penguin Having Back To School Party With Skateboard Park Next Month

As some other fan Club Penguin blogs are reporting today, Pen50gi has discovered that the next party on Club Penguin will be school related. I do not know if it is a mini party or full blown party across the island. The theme of the party is school and there will be a skate park room with ramps, rails, and more, which I think is permanent! Unfortunately there are no image sneak peeks of the party yet, but as soon as there are you can count on me posting them. In the meantime here are some file names for the party, which will also be available on mobile.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 6.13.28 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 6.14.01 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 6.14.08 PM

Based on the date it seems the party will be starting on the evening of September 17th (September 18th in most time zones) as 140917 = 2014/09/17, with 2014 being the year, 09 being the month, and 17 being the day.

Here are some text dialogs from the party:

The school is a TOTAL mess! Tidy it up and you’ll earn prizes!

Whew! One room down.

Grab a skateboard and helmet to pull crazy tricks on rails and ramps!

Members can get skateboards here to do tricks.

Heya! Tap the backpack icon to collect prizes. You earned ’em, bud!

WOW! Amazing trick. You’re gonna be a pro!

Dodgeball time! Ready, set, throw!

Oops! These things shouldn’t be here! Please pick ’em up to keep me out of detention!

Pick up your backpack and fill it with school supplies

Clean up at the Pizza Shop

Clean up the Skate Park

To summarise the above text, it seems like the school is a mess and you need to clean it up for items, plus you can play dodgeball, skate, and get a backpack and fill it with school supplies.

Here’s some sound effects courtesy of Dragosv224.

Does a school party seem cool or lame to you? Remember, don’t judge a book by its cover!

Thanks Pen50gi!

75 thoughts on “Club Penguin Having Back To School Party With Skateboard Park Next Month

  1. LAME. Back to School is completely boring. Barely anyone likes school. Can’t they get used to that one room which replaced the Recycling plant. l mean, really! l won0t be coming during Septemeber.

  2. Hey, you wrote ” which I think is permanent!Unfortunately there are ”

    You forgot to put a space. Correct: ” which I think is permanent! Unfortunately there are ”

  3. I think that this will be a monthly party for September. It will start on September 18th, so this is second to last Thursday of this month. And parties always starts that day.
    I don’t know if I wrote it correctly but I hope so ;)

  4. Hmm, I hope they add more classrooms with books where you can learn facts. Maybe there can be a room for science, history (there would be fossil type of stuff in this room), etc.

    Hey – who’s this ‘ME’ in the dialog? ” Please pick ‘em up to keep me out of detention!”

  5. Aye – wait! Didnt Polo Field say it was going to “help” in someway? I have a feeling we will donate coins so kids around the world can go to school with proper school supplies! :)

  6. Based on the info there is so far, I think it seems big to be a full party. However, I feel this should be a mini-party. Also, how is a Back to School Party related with what Polo Field replied to someone in his blog? Polo Field gave away a hint of the party, and it seems that it will be about “giving back and helping to others” or whatsoever. Still looking forward to see what September holds!

  7. Club Penguin isn’t Club Penguin anymore. Before they cared about the enviroment, now all they care about are Ads and boring school. Plus, Back to school party is useless because:
    By the time the party starts everyone will be back to school
    CP isn’t considering other countries which don’t have school.
    Luckily Club Penguin’s Lazyness will save us, leaving some (or most) rooms not decorated.

    • “CP isn’t considering other countries which don’t have school.”

      If you are in a third world country that does not have school, chances are you won’t even have internet or computer access.

        • Ah, alright. I would think most countries would start school by mid September. It’s not like they can have one party apply to everyone, sort of like Club Penguin having a Christmas party back before it was called a Holiday party: not everyone celebrates Christmas and it doesn’t snow everywhere people play CP. Or a Halloween Party: Halloween isn’t as popular in America as it is in other countries.

    • “Now all they care about are Ads and boring school.” SCHOOL HATER ALERT. If we didn’t have school, you wouldn’t be typing right now! School isn’t boring! And the takeovers aren’t ads. They draw in more players in the game. Some people like Marvel, they got more players. Frozen = New players. Monsters University = New Players. And if they didn’t care about the environment, (you spelled it wrong) why would they still have Coins For Change? And Club Penguin is not lazy. They might have trashed the Music Jam, but LOOK AT THE FROZEN PARTY! OMG IT IS LIKE THE BEST PARTY EVER! (I am a boy who loves Frozen. Don’t judge) LOOK AT ALL THOSE ROOMS, FREEZING AND THAWING, THE FREE NON MEMBER ITEMS, EVEN A FREE ICE PALACE FOR NON MEMBERS! THIS IS HUGE! THE ICE PALACE WAS SO FULL AND AWESOME! They probably didn’t have time for the Music Jam because they were working on this SO HUGE SPECIAL FROZEN PARTY! And they aren’t ads convincing you to watch the show. (Like Frozen Party sponsored Once Upon A Time) THEY AREN’T ADS, THEY DRAW IN MORE PLAYERS. Got it? They are not lazy, and they aren’t ads. And CP isn’t just about playing, but learning too! You never know..they might bring back Paint By Letters..

      • Even if they did get more players, they do loose a lot too.
        Club Penguin is pretty much trying to lie to everyone. Every Takeover/Sponsored party is an ad. They are advertising the Movie/show, but at the same tvme making you think they are better, and get more players, and you’re ceelebrating.
        This opens a new option for Club Penguin which is just convincing you it’s good but they are not creative at all.
        And About school, many people hate school for rising their stress and anxiety level.
        lt may be good for us, but CP is not about learning.


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  10. School is poop and a school PARTY is worse. The summer parties (Music Jam, Frozen Party and School Party) have been my least favorite since 2010, honestly.

  11. What the?! I saw in a blog thing that they say we actually love school! Who’s such a *beep* to love school?! School is boring! They take away time from you, time you could be using to do something of profit! They also teach you things which you don’t know if you’ll need or not in the future!

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