Club Penguin Frozen Ice Palace Igloo Sneak Peek

At the Frozen Party players will be able to get a limited edition Frozen Ice Palace igloo. Once again Lolnok has managed to get a preview of the igloo on Club Penguin’s mobile app.

Here is the igloo’s icon:


Currently we cannot see what the igloo looks like when in use, however with the igloo’s icon from screenshot above you can get a general idea what it will look like once it’s released.

Thanks Lolnok!

15 thoughts on “Club Penguin Frozen Ice Palace Igloo Sneak Peek

  1. Is the ice palace igloo free or not because its shows that the ice palace igloo is free on the homepage, it better be free or else i will be very very UPSET!!!!

  2. Club penguin lied about the penthouse for the Hollywood party, it was going to be free for everyone, but Club Penguin lied and decided to put the penthouse for members, Its not fair, why can nonmembers get a lot of furniture and igloos, it’s not FAIR!!!!

  3. even though im a member of club penguin i still hope everyone can have an elsa igloo.i agree that it should be for members and nonmembers!:>

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