SoundStudio Sneak Peek Video

Yesterday Polo Field tweeted that if fan bloggers emailed Club Penguin Support, they would reply with a special surprise. Shortly after saying that Polo deleted the tweet. I was lucky enough to see the tweet in time, and because he peaked my curiosity I sent Club Penguin Support an email, unsure of what to expect. The surprise? An exclusive video of SoundStudio! For those of you who aren’t aware, beginning July 17th SoundStudio will be replacing DJ3K. I am unable to embed the video and do not want to reupload it to YouTube since I did not make it, so if you’d like to see the video of SoundStudio in action then click here to go to the secret link to watch it. Thanks to Adam from Club Penguin Support for giving me the link!

As you can see, there are four different genres of music you can make: pop, rock, dance, and dubstep. From there there are different loops and one-shots you can use to make your music, and then members can also record their song. Others can like your tracks too!

Of course, I’m not surprised Polo Field heavily used the keytar buttons in his track. ;) You can also see that there will be a fist-pumping emote at the Music Jam. The room Polo is in is also decorated for the party.

What are your thoughts on SoundStudio? It definitely looks much better than DJ3K! I can’t wait to make some dubstep tracks.

23 thoughts on “SoundStudio Sneak Peek Video

    • Seeing how they added more tracks to DJ3K overtime, I’m sure they will do the same with SoundStudio. :)

  1. This wasn’t the sneak peek I’m looking for! Where’s the dance club and that thing where it shows the penguin on the screen,as seen in the CP magazine ,hmm?

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