Olaf from Disney’s “Frozen” Spotted In Club Penguin’s New Music Video

It all makes sense now. Last week Polo Field tweeted there was going to be a sneak peek for August’s party in the Best Day Ever Music Video. Then today right before the music video was released Polo Field tweeted that August’s party will be a Summer Party, which he also said on the Club Penguin Wiki chat…and now if you watch the music video you’ll see a Puffle version of Olaf, the incredibly cute snowman from Disney’s hit movie “Frozen”! Check it out yourself! It’s at 0:46 in the music video on the right side of the video’s frames.

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 4.01.25 PM

This is what Olaf really looks like:


Hmm…a Summer Party with Frozen? I wonder how that’s going to work? It’s apparent that I never watched Frozen. :P

Thanks Conige, Choco Late9, and 1999bloo!

34 thoughts on “Olaf from Disney’s “Frozen” Spotted In Club Penguin’s New Music Video

  1. Frozen was based in the Summer but Queen Elsa’s magic turned the area into a winter state… see where it all links now? Summer party with a twist.. Olaf.. Bingo!

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOO. Please, just, no. Maybe I will give a bit of leeway to CP for it being a Summer Party, but do they ABSOLUTELY HAVE to advertise it again like they did with Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam last August. Every time there is an original party coming again, they put a stupid “advertisement twist” on it. (AKA, Music Jam 2014 with the guests, Summer Party 2014 with Frozen, and Summer Party 2013 teen Beach Movie).

    Sorry Train, just ranting, :P.

  3. Elsas gonna Freeze the summer just like the movie, and then they save it to make a summer party, I’m guessing.

    I love frozen so I cant wait.

  4. It could work, if you think about it. Olaf always dreamed of summer and the film kinda ended in summer, if not spring.

  5. It’s confirmed! We’re gonna have a Frozen Takeover, I just hope there’s cool summer games ATLEST!

    • As much as I semi-sorta-ish-kinda enjoyed the movie, I think a Frozen Takeover would be bad. Sure, It’s not as bad as a Planes Takeover, but Frozen is intended for girls (no offense) and younger children.

      • hey no the movie is for both genders not just girls in my class when the movie came out everybody talked about it not just girls. p,s sorry if this message was mean :)

  6. Actually i think the CP Team are talking about this years Holiday Party 2014 its probably a Frozen Party :D

  7. Noooo! Now I’m sad – my sister goes CRAZY over Frozen, but in my opinion Frozen is a bad film but its not total garbage.

  8. Me: “Wow, I love this song! But I wonder what Polo meant.. Summer Party with a twist? Clue in this video? Never saw one.” *sees Olaf puffle* *thinks* “Nah, it’s nothing. Just a confirm of a Frozen Takeover. No big deal. WAIT, IT’S AWESOME! THIS PARTY IS GONNA WORK!”

    This is gonna be the best takeover ever, also the Marvel Takeover we had is the best! WHOS EXCITED? CANT WAIT TO GET MY FLIPPERS ON THE OLAF PUFFLE AND OLAF COSTUME. Hope the puffle is only available during the party, like the dinosaur puffles!

    Keep Calm and Waddle On!


  9. I wanted the Frozen takeover to be in December or January or at least November.. but I hope its really a summer party

  10. Really excited for August now! I’d love it if the island was separated into snow and summer, the snow bits could be on the side with the Dojo which could be decorated as Elsa’s castle since it’s on a mountain :D

    • The summer side could also be Olaf’s dreams of summer, with the Lighthouse as the beach with the sand-snow people

  11. I realise that the movie was set in the summer, plus it’s really popular, but it was released months ago so I think it’s a bit late xD

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