Watch Next Week’s Episode of The Spoiler Alert Early

Club Penguin accidentally released next week’s episode of The Spoiler Alert early on their mobile app and before they took it down some penguins made a copy of it for YouTube! I have posted the low quality version here if you want to watch it early. I will be re-posting the official upload with a full rundown next week when it is officially released. Without further adieu, I present to you…next week’s episode of The Spoiler Alert!

So The Spoiler Alert will be moving to Saturdays…ehh…. :/

Thanks Ninjakrom!

10 thoughts on “Watch Next Week’s Episode of The Spoiler Alert Early

  1. Saturdays? Really? Mondays were the best day of the week for this series. And not because always it were Mondays. This day is the beginning of the week and that was cool that we started every week with some sneak peeks about upcoming Thursday. But Saturdays? I think that is too early for sneak peek about next week. I say nope.

  2. Wow. Look at all these people complaining about how it will be on a Saturday. Shows how terrible the Club Penguin community is now. You guys should accept a change for once and stop complaining over the littlest things. I’m okay with you if you just think it’s a terrible decision, but if you guys go all out complaining over it, You need to grow up and stop complaining over little things like this.

  3. Spoilers & Updates (I think you already know this though xD):

    July Pin hidden at the Cave (where we dig the gold piffle thing)
    If you pick a team for example, Blue, you will have like a blue ring around your player
    June Pin is the trophy of the Penguin Cup (but not really “the” trophy) and you can unlock it through playing the game
    You can unlock the power boots thingy through playing the game (like the pin)
    Buying and using the Soccer Pitch thingy will feature you in another list
    June Igloo Catalog released
    Music Jam Party at July, Penguin Band and Cadence visiting

    So yeah, not sure if it’s complete though but that’s what I spotted xD

    Nice vid tho! You got it early xD

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