Recent Twitter Sneak Peeks From The Club Penguin Team

Recently several Club Penguin Team members have posted sneak peeks on Twitter relating the Penguin Cup and also #projectsupersecret. Here are the tweets with the sneak peeks.

First off there is a sneak peek of the Beach during the Penguin Cup, which was tweeted by Polo Field. This appears to be the room for the Sharks, the blue team.

Next up Megg posted a picture of the Space Squids’ room, the green team. This room is the dock.

Finally, Spike Hike tweeted out this image, only saying “#projectsupersecret”. I wonder what it’s about?

That’s all for now! The Penguin Cup begins June 19th.

8 thoughts on “Recent Twitter Sneak Peeks From The Club Penguin Team

  1. Trainman…that picture. It seems different. A new art design. This brings a possibility of a new art design? What do you think? Looks like Flash animation.

  2. My ideas for the project would be…

    *New CP App Update
    *CP Angry Birds Version? (IDK why, the pic looks like Angry Birds for me :P)
    *CP LEGO Set? (Looks like LEGO to mee as well)
    *CP LEGO Animated Media Project (” ” ” ”)

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