Penguin Cup 2014 Released (and the Sharks will definitely win, just saying)

Goal! The Penguin Cup is on now until July 1st. And the Sharks are definitely going to kick some butt. ;)

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Table of Contents:

Party Overview

When you first log on Aunt Arctic will pop up.

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She says:

The Penguin Cup is on! Pick a team and challenge other players. Every goal you score brings your team closer to the trophy!

So do what she says and pick a team.

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There are items you can collect, some requiring you to play the shootouts game.

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At CPSN (located at the Stage) you can view the top scores.

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On your playercard there is the soccer career total.

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Once you get the Penguin Cup Soccer Ball and wear it, press D or join someone who did. You will then play a game together for coins and items. In the game a white ring will move around the track and you need to press space when it’s closest to the target. It’s quite fun! Think of it like the Fair game┬áRing The Bell.

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After the game you get your score, amount of coins earned, and you can unlock items.

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Party Items

All four teams have their own Vuvuzela. The yellow one for the Fluffies is at the Cove.

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The red one for the Hot Sauce team is at the Forest.

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The green one for the Space Squids is at the Dock.

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The blue one for the Sharks is at the Beach.

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There are special party emotes as always.

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The map has been updated for the party.

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As always you can view a list of Soccer Stadium igloos.

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The following pages have been updated and/or added:

31 thoughts on “Penguin Cup 2014 Released (and the Sharks will definitely win, just saying)

  1. There’s a minor update and a bug which no one posted about.

    Minor update: You can see a new “Welcome TO cLUB PENGUIN” slider image on the homepage: (plus, maybe there are hints to outside furniture as you might have noticed that 2 penguins are moving a sofa and near them is an igloo wit an outdoor party thingy furniture.

    Bug: If you play the Penguin Cup’s minigame as a member using the final shoes which you’re blue and score more than 8 times in the same game, once it ends, your penguin’s color will turn red for no reason instead of showing as blue.

    Bonus: ANOTHER BUG: Most of the time, during a penguin cup game, once the time runs out, your opponent gets an extra chance to score and sometimes two…


    sharks are only winning because everybody is going in it, nothing special about it

  3. Its amazing Fluffies started first, and now last.! Sharks will win! GO SHARKS! Plus, thier plan is to confuse the opponnent. And, they have teamwork. In the blue home room, two people are needed to lit t the big dumbbell. GO SHARKS!

  4. Sorry to rain on you’re parade ( I’m not being sarcastic ), but Sharks are in 3rd place.
    However, they may win , you never know.

  5. I think this is a bug – I see the leaderboard like this:
    1- Space Squids
    2- Hot Sauce
    3- Fluffies
    4- Sharks

    I’ve asked people on the server, they see it as:
    1- Sharks
    2- Hot Sauce
    3- Space Squids
    4- Fluffies

    It’s very confusing…

  6. This game used to be fair… until people saw team sharks leading and switch to it… i don’t think they should make the switch team button. But for me, Team Sharks forever

    • Battlefield 3 Players be like. They actually got a same feature where if one of the team will win at the last minute, you can change team and you will get some experience!

      Well, everyone wants to get the cup, right? So that’s why they were just like saying “Ooh, Sharks leading but i want to get the trophy! *changes team* I’ll win!” (But he only scores less than 50…)…

  7. I mean, to be honest, it’s pretty obvious lol. Blue has always been the most popular color when it comes to sports in club penguin, my bet is the sharks are gonna win. But it would be awesome if another team won besides the Sharks like plot twist, mind = blown.

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