On This Day In Club Penguin History – June 9

On this day in Club Penguin history there was only one update. The update was a new pin, Club Penguin’s seventh one. The pin was the Beach Ball Pin and could be found at the Ski Lodge attic.┬áThe pin was a beach ball to go along with the theme of summer and the upcoming 2006 Summer Party, Club Penguin’s first one. The 2006 Summer Party was released a week later on June 16th.

Check out how hidden pins used to be! I sure wish they were still difficult to find like this…let me know in the poll at the end of the post if you wish they were still this small and difficult to hide instead of gigantic and easy to find.


Since you can’t really see the pin, here is what the actual item looks like in your inventory and on your playercard:

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 9.40.15 PM

As promised, here is a poll for you to vote in:

Do you wish Club Penguin's pins were still hard to find like they were in 2006, as demonstrated in the image above?

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9 thoughts on “On This Day In Club Penguin History – June 9

  1. Of course that pins still should be harder to find! Nowadays, they aren’t only so big but also if you click on them from place far away in the same room, you will get them automatically, you even don’t have to go to the pin… o.o

  2. >.< Since a lot of us want the old Club Penguin back, maybe for the April Fools party, Cp could bring it back. Making new catalogs, but in the same style. (So, rare items don't go "new".)

  3. Now those are REAL Pins. I really wish pins were smaller and harder to find like the Beach Ball Pin. Nowadays, instead of doing Pin Search with your friends, they even spoil it at The Spoiler Alert! :|

    I like some new pins lately, but I seriously hate how pins look SO small on your platercard. Seriously, just look at the Elemental Pin from the CJ Party 2013!

    Spike Hike, CP Staff, take note of this and please use it in the future.

  4. Oh look, ANOTHER complaining post like that one about how the Spoiler Alert is going to be released on Saturdays, but this is even worse. Come on, accept a change for once. You may think Disney ruined it, and I’m okay with it if you just think it is, but come on. This post even has a POLL at the bottom of it. If you seriously need to put a poll in for this, you’re a sad, sad person.

    • If you think Trainman whines about Disney everytime, then you should view Saraapril’s Blog. In every single post (or at least most) are about “DISNEY! STOP RUINING CLUB PENGUIN!”. At least Trainman is not whining. At least Trainman is giving his point of view, opening to discussion as well to hear opinions from other people. In fact, this can be quite helpful, considering how CP (specially Spike Hike) views Trainman’s blog from time to time. If Trainman opens his mouth and gives his point of view, then CP will be able to improve more to do a better work. Seriously, Saraapril made a story OFFENDING Spike Hike. Do you really think that’s right?

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