New MVP Pin Released

Club Penguin has released their new pin! As a result the Orange Slice Pin is no longer at the Hidden Lake. Instead, the new pin, the MVP Pin, can be found at the Gold Mine, also known as the Cave Mine. This is Club Penguin’s thirteenth pin of 2014. The last pin to be hidden at the Cave Mine was the Prank Fangs Pin in October 2013. As of this new pin a total of seven pins have been hidden in this particular room.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 9.12.24 PM

How do you like the new pin?

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14 thoughts on “New MVP Pin Released

  1. Loool Train! Violetta is really gonna be in the Music Jam! Looooooooool!!! Your April Fool’s prank is real now haha xD!

  2. OMG Train. Basically, you know how on April Fool’s you said Violetta will be at Music Jam? Well, I think you’re psychic! Because in the new CP magazine, it says, “Cadence is celebrating her new single, ‘Best Day Ever’ by bringing a special Music Cruise to the island! Penguins inspired by Disney Channel stars DJ Cole Plante, Zindayah (should be Zendaya), Samantha Carpenter (apparently its Sabrina Carpenter) and VIOLETTA will be performing and giving away awesome Music Packs during the party. Explore the luxury cruise ship, get the Tour Bus igloo and share your tunes!” EEH OKAY. :| Also, DJ3K will be removed and as a result, a new game will be introduced called “Sound Studio” on July 10. According to the mag, you will be able to “Mix new tracks and control music like never before, then share your beats in the Dance Club for penguins to like!” Eh, okay. Soz for long comment.

  3. I just found out about the mascots coming to the Music Jam. I never heard of any of them until Club Penguin. (I know Zendya, though. XD)

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