Club Penguin Cup 2014 Music

Club Penguin has uploaded all of their Penguin Cup related tracks to SoundCloud for you to stream! You can give it a listen below. One of the tracks might sound familiar, as it’s actually an old Music Jam one! :D There’s also one from the 2008 Penguin Games, which is also in the Dance Contest game.

Which track is your favourite? For the new ones, Squids Score is mine. But I do like both of the old tracks a lot, too.

10 thoughts on “Club Penguin Cup 2014 Music

  1. Just a heads up, Squids Score is also the one from that mini little DJ Space Squid dance party during the Future Party, but without the space squid sound at the beginning :).

  2. Man – Best selection of music ever! My favorites are :
    – Penguin Cup Anthem
    – Shark Beatz
    – Squid Score (it’s from the Future Party, just remixed)
    – Let the Game begin

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