Gary 3000 Meetup Times For The Future Party 2014

At the 2014 Future Party, Club Penguin’s first one, we will be able to meet Gary 3000, the futuristic version of Gary the Gadget Guy. In this post I will be listing any meetup times Club Penguin gives out, so be sure to check back often for more meetup times. All of the meetup times listed are PST and are in English servers unless otherwise specified. There is no particular room Gary will be in so you will have to search the whole futuristic island. For EST add 3 hours to the PST times and for the UK add 8 hours to the PST times. If you need to know what time it is in PST just look at the Snow Forts Clock Tower. When you meet Gary you will unlock his stamp and can also receive his background and add him to your buddy list. Gary the Gadget Guy

16 thoughts on “Gary 3000 Meetup Times For The Future Party 2014

  1. Wait, so who are visiting the party? Gary the Gadget Guy or Gary’s relative; Gary 3000? Also, how will Gary 3000 look like? Is Gary actually transforming into Gary 3000 or what?

    • Probably like how Herbert was Darth Herbert: just a futuristic version of Gary but it’s still Gary.

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