Club Penguin Updated Their Igloo Music, and It’s Awesome

Along with the new furniture and igloo catalogue released today Club Penguin has updated their igloo music with seven all new awesome tracks!┬áHere’s the full listing:

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 10.21.04 PM

The new tracks are as follows:

  • Space Zoo
  • Space Battle
  • Ultimate Battle
  • Welcome to the Future
  • Extra Planetary Force (or EPF for short)
  • Strange Galaxy
  • Zero Gravity Disco

I’d pick a favourite track but they’re all so good! I’d probably go with Zero Gravity Disco, however. I enjoy the beat it has. If you’d like to listen to the tracks Club Penguin has uploaded them all to SoundCloud. Use the player below.

One thought on “Club Penguin Updated Their Igloo Music, and It’s Awesome

  1. Extra Planetary Force is one of the few songs where I like the faint singing in the background. All the songs have something good about them.

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