A Quick Update On Me, Club Penguin Memories, and the Future (Nothing Bad, Don’t Worry :P)

Hello, Club Penguin Memories reader! I figured it would be time to get another update on everything since a bit of time has passed since my previous update. I’ll try to keep this from being super long, however I have a bit to write about.

First off, my life. As 99% of you know, I’m 18 years old and in my final year of high school. I start college in the Fall. I’ll be doing online classes just like I’ve been doing these last two years of high school. The older you become and the higher of a grade you’re in the more complex the work you’re assigned gets, and you’re assigned more of it. As a result, I’ve been pretty busy finishing up assignments for my classes. Just yesterday I had a big final exam for my computer science class. Luckily I’ve got just one class left for this school year, physics. Physics isn’t the fun of a class for me, so I’ll be pretty busy working on that since I have to pace myself due to having chronic fatigue. (Chronic fatigue is having low to no energy and ongoing tiredness that isn’t cured with sleep) I’ll be done with it by June 1st though, so as soon as I finish my physics class I’ll be done with high school and will graduate! Which means I can get a job at Club Penguin. ;)

Moving along, an update on Club Penguin Memories. Once I finish high school I’ve got a lot I plan to do over the Summer months. Here’s an overview:

  • Another Ask Trainman
  • I’ll post On This Day In Club Penguin History daily again (as long as there was an update on that day)
  • I’ll do the Weekly Post Roundup again
  • I’ll update and create the many pages on Club Penguin Memories that I haven’t had time to do¬†over the past school year
  • I’ll add a lot more outfits to the header image at the top of Club Penguin Memories
  • And, of course, I’ll go back to posting quickly again :P

Soon I will work through the large load of¬†unapproved comments I currently have. Sorry if I haven’t gotten back to you yet!

Finally, the future. As I said above, once I graduate high school I can get a job at Club Penguin. (as a support representative anyway, which is what I want to be) It does not mean I’ll work for Club Penguin instantly. First off, they need a job opening. Second of all, I live on the East Coast of the United States. Club Penguin has offices nowhere near me: there’s one in California on the other side of the United States, one in Canada, one in the United Kingdom, one in Brazil, one in Australia, one in Argentina, and they might even have employees work out of other Disney offices – who knows. In short, none of the offices Club Penguin uses are near me. So unless I’m able to work remotely and answer emails or moderate the game from my home it might be a while. But moving would be cool. :P So until some things fall in place and the opportunity arises, it might be a bit until I’m able to work for Club Penguin but regardless of that I do want to work for the game! Until then, keep checking istrainman1405aclubpenguinmod.com for updates. :p

Cheers, and thanks for sticking with me!

21 thoughts on “A Quick Update On Me, Club Penguin Memories, and the Future (Nothing Bad, Don’t Worry :P)

  1. I plan to work for Club Penguin once I’m 21. I hope the best for you and maybe we will be working together there one day. I’m turning 15 this week so a long time left. I’m starting a job in the summer and hat will cover my costs until I have enough spare, so that when I’m 20 I can leave Ireland and go to Canada. I’ll apply for a job when I’m 21 (6 years away) and then if I get in, that’s me sorted. I’ve got it all planned out just like you, which is the best way to get through life, knowing what’s ahead.

  2. I’m sorry but I’m not buying this. I’m in AP physics and calc and I’m on the swim and tennis teams and I still have several hours of free time a day. I’m sure you can find ten minutes.

    • I have chronic fatigue too so I’m drained/exhausted which leads to not feeling like writing or the task at hand takes longer than it would for a normal person. And I’m distracted verrrry easily sometimes. :P Best of luck with your AP exams!

      • Oh I was not aware that you had that condition, that changes everything I just said. Forget what I mentioned, sorry! I hope the best of luck to you. (You should mention that in your post too lol)

  3. Lol the website :P

    Btw, good luck on your exam and hopefully you will graduate! Still, you should enter to college first to gain more knowledge instead of working on Club Penguin right after graduating. Do you know on which college would you like to go?

    • Thanks! I’ll be starting out with online classes provided through my local community college.

  4. Must…resist….urge….to refresh….every second……

    Best of luck! Don’t forget to add “Highly supported/popular, experienced CP player and blogger” somewhere in your resume, application, interview, or whatever they do nowadays.

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