The Spoiler Alert Episode 18 – Funny Hat Week!

After a few weeks of being on break, The Spoiler Alert is back! This is the 18th episode. This week there is Extreme Reading, breaking news about Funny Hat Week, and even a quick Statue Roommates segment! Rather than posting it on the blog only, Club Penguin has uploaded the full episode to YouTube too. Here it is:

I don’t know if it’s just me, but this episode of The Spoiler Alert seems better compared to previous ones. It feels less rushed and it is funny and overall better to me. Plus the humour is great!

17 thoughts on “The Spoiler Alert Episode 18 – Funny Hat Week!

  1. I can tell that this is more geared towards an American audience, because this episode was definitely American humour! ;) I personally didn’t find it very funny, though. (I cringed the whole way through and just managed to watch until the end without turning it off! xD)
    I guess I just have a very sarcastic sense of humour, as most English people do! :P

  2. They still have a lot to do with the map xD like the game, game upgrades, pets, and shop icons are still using the old design, the Everyday Phoning Facility does;t have the two big phones, the Mine shouldn’t have the cart in front of it (as shown in the map), there isn’t a Tours thingy in the Ski Village, and I don’t see stairs and the elevator thing of the sleds in the Ski Hill as it does today xD I know they are just small things but yeah xD

  3. I lik – INTERRUPTING PUFFLE – e the humour in t – INTERRUPTING PUFFLE – hese new – INTERRUPTING PUFFLE – episodes. I fou – INTERRUPTING PUFFLE – nd this one real – INTERRUPTING PUFFLE – ly funny!

  4. Haha! I love Megg haha, that part when she said: “Seriously, where is that gu- INTERRUPTING PUFFLE!” Haha xD poor Megg lol

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