Rockhopper Meetup Times – April 2014

Rockhopper is waddling around the Club Penguin island! In this post I will be keeping a collection of any meetup times Club Penguin gives out. If you meet Rockhopper you can unlock his stamp and receive a background from him. He does not have a new background for this visit. Here are the meetup times. All the times are PST, which is the time at the Snow Forts clock tower. If the meetup time is not in an English server I will say so.rockhopper

Wednesday, April 16th:

1:00 PM on the server Fog
2:20 PM on the Portuguese server Sundae

37 thoughts on “Rockhopper Meetup Times – April 2014

    • Yeah, it’s better now, before, my friends always got terribly desesperate due to finding mascots in that times was extremenly hard, and i will not lie, i got desesperate sometimes too :/, in my opinion suffering for meeting ourselves mascots is not better than having meet-up times :p, sorry if i overeacted but it’s true, we always broke our backs trying to meet them XD. but if you prefer that than meet-ups means that you are a strong guy.

  1. Off topic, but I like the item catalog without names. Why? Because you can make up your own name for them. CP may call a desk a work station, but I may call it a computer desk or drawing desk.

  2. trainman1505 please answer my question are you sure he will be on the server Хоккей for April 10th I checked more meetup times from another site and it said on april 10th eleven PM he will be on the server *11:00 PM, server Дед Мороз (Russia) are you sure I beleve you because I used this site for meeting Kermit the frog good luck

  3. hey here are some saady123 April 2014 only meetup times :Saturday April 12 10:00 PM server beanie English at town.

    Sunday April 13 8:30 PM server Bigsurf English at pizza parlor

    Monday April 14 8:00 PM server tundra English at clothes shop

    Tuesday April 15 4:30 PM server wool socks at pet shop.

    Wednesday April 16 8:30 PM server tuxedo English at dock

    Thursday April 17 8:50 PM server bigfoot at ski lodge

    Friday April 18th 8:20 PM Server iceage

    see ya! only these times more times will be posted soon on this site

  4. if u want more u came to the right website fir saady123 meetup times more more more.

    :Saturday April 19 12:00 AM server Snow Bank at EPF command room

    Sunday April 20 8:30 PM server Marshmallow at iceberg

    these are the times in April more times will be avalible in May oohps I SPELT AVALIBLE WRONG

    from Mike penguin lodge maker come to my site penguinlodge with a whole bunch of club penguin cheats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope to see u meet saady123 to all

    • gracias a sus informaciones acabo de conocer a Rockhopper es muy bueno y chistoso gracias a el hablo con mis amigos ya no tengo miedo muchisimas gracias se los agradesco

  5. Hey Train, here are some (ES) times: Monday, April 14th- 2:00 PM on Isla Pirata Tuesday, April 15th- 11:00 AM on Isla Secreta

  6. im mad I was ” anywhere ” and he didn’t show up this place is horrible and unhelpful im rating it 0/100 oh wait I mean 0/1,000,0000000000000000000>:c

  7. Ran into him unexpectedly on Abominable in the pizza parlor.
    Glad I did, if he’s advertised my computer always jams with too much information.
    After 3 YEARS I finally got to friend him.

  8. LOL! I’m the only one on the sever and waiting for Rockhopper. Hopefully he’ll come even if I’m the only one here! XD

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