February 21, 2014 Field Friday (Now Over)

Polo Field made a new post on Club Penguin’s Blog in which he talked about next week’s episode of The Spoiler Alert, the Fair, and this week’s Field Friday! He hasn’t given all the details yet but he said this week’s Field Friday will be held at 7:00 PM PST today. That’s 10:00 PM EST and 3:00 AM Saturday in the UK. I will update this post with the server as soon as it is announced.

UPDATE: The server was Fjord. (but it is now over)

5 thoughts on “February 21, 2014 Field Friday (Now Over)

  1. When will you have more time for blogging again, and when will you get ungrounded? I miss “On This Day”s, discussions and “Weekly Post Roundup”s.

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