A Message To All Club Penguin Memories Viewers Regarding Late Posts and Lack of Posts

Hello everyone,

As you may have noticed over the last few months, I am posting later and later and as of last Wednesday/Thursday, not posting that week’s updates as soon as they’re out. I figured it would be best to make a post with a quick explanation on this.

In case you think I am loosing interest in Club Penguin or quitting soon, no that is not true – I am here to stay. Between school and other projects I’m busy with I do not have the time to always post instantly as soon as blog posts are released like I used to be. I’m also a bit behind in school and as a result I am grounded and cannot stay up Wednesday nights to post the updates when they’re out. Right now as I’m writing this the Fair is out but I am not allowed to post it since I’m supposed to get off the computer at 10:00 PM each night and it is currently 10:25 PM. (shhh…lol) Instead, I’ll be posting the Thursday updates in the morning for me, about 12 hours after their release – so by 9:00 AM PST Thursdays I hope to have all the updates posted each week until I am ungrounded.

Sorry to let you all down since I’ve built up such a big reputation for posting so quick. Believe me, I miss being able to post quickly. I can’t wait to be done with school. :-P There are tons of posts I’d like to make, projects I’d like to work on, and messages I need to respond to but it’s all so much and school is the bigger priority.

I hope to be ungrounded within the next few weeks but there is no guarantee of that. I won’t be offended if you decide to stop visiting Club Penguin Memories and choose another website for cheats instead. :-) Feel free to post links to your Club Penguin Blogs in the comments of this post so penguins can check it out.



31 thoughts on “A Message To All Club Penguin Memories Viewers Regarding Late Posts and Lack of Posts

  1. Nosense. School is important do it first.
    I like your blog.
    I will keep reading.
    Do good in school and get ungrounded soon. wave!

  2. Sorry that u r grounded! I still love ur site and i dont care if they r late cuz i usally wait till the morning anyway.
    Waddle on!

  3. It’s okay trainman I wish you would get ungrounded soon ( I would still view your blog even if you didn’t post )

    Waddle on :)

  4. Choose another website?!?! I would never dream of it do not be so hard on your self! I know how people can get behind in school even though this is hard to say school first cp later when I used to have homework on Thursday I would always be sad because I could not read the new news paper or go to the latest party. Trust me in my book you will always be the best blogger. :)

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