Weird Message at the Snow Forts!

If you watched Monday’s episode of The Spoiler Alert then you already knew this was coming, however for those of you who don’t watch the video you’ll be surprised to know that there is a message in the ground at the Snow Forts! It leads up to this month’s 2014 Prehistoric Party.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 10.23.10 PM

The message reads:



Ooga ooga!

Who do you think left the message? Nevermind, it says in the newspaper.

6 thoughts on “Weird Message at the Snow Forts!

  1. Well, accorting to the newspaper, the mesage was from an ancestor of Gary’s, named Garugg the Ungg Ungg. Weird caveguin name.

  2. I know who is the first matter of newspapper.It ‘s Garuga, prehistoric ancestor of Gary and also found out that is aunt of Gary Garianna he dislikes both Gariwald as Garuga

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