Reminder: Club Penguin Updates Tonight!

Club Penguin is updating tonight. This is their fourth update week of 2014. This week contains some major updates. The expected updates this week are as follows:

  • New Pin
  • Puffle Backyards
  • Dino Puffles Available
  • New Login Look
  • Ski Hill and Forest New Redesigned
  • Gary Visits
  • Prehistoric Party 2014
  • Club Penguin Times Issue 431
  • Probably a new EPF message

There will also be a new episode of #WaddleOn today after its short break!

If you have not already done the following I recommend you do so before Club Penguin updates:

Posts related to tonight’s updates include:

11 thoughts on “Reminder: Club Penguin Updates Tonight!

  1. Oh yah! New forest! Prehistoric Party! 6 NEW PUFFLES! Puffle Backyards!

    Today is the second day school has been canceled because of snow. I WANT IT TO BE CANCELED TOMORROW FOR PREHISTORIC! :D

  2. ALWAYS do party post round-ups!
    and can i still keep my my puffles / dino puffles & my backyard when i lose my 7-day membership?

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