January 2014 Furniture and Igloo Catalogue

Club Penguin’s first ever furniture and igloo catalogue combination has been released! From now on the furniture and igloo catalogue are one single catalogue. This is their first Furniture and Igloo Catalogue of 2014. It is for the month of January.

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Table of Contents:


Here are the new pages of furniture this month:

Once again Club Penguin has a special igloo list for members at this month’s party. Members can buy the Dino Dig Site to be featured on the Digloos list.

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Page two has some prehistoric items. There is a hidden igloo on this page. More about the hidden igloo can be found under the igloo section of this post. Items on page two are the Slab Sofa for 200 coins, Slab Recliner for 150 coins, Fish Fossil for 150 coins, and Bone Bridge for 100 coins.

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Page three has the Designer Log Stool for 25 coins, Volcanic Glass Side Table for 75 coins, Volcanic Glass Table for 75 coins, Tortoise Dining Table for 250 coins, and the Ice Age 3000 BCE for 150 coins.

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Page four has the Prehistoric Gate for 100 coins, Prehistoric Wall for 75 coins, Chieftain’s seat for 150 coins, Claw Marks for 25 coins, and Clam Chair for 150 coins.

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Page five has the Dinosaur Bones for 250 coins, Dinosaur Skull for 500 coins, Cavern Chair for 350 coins, and the Sabre-tooth Rug for 100 coins.

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Page six, the final new page of furniture for this month, has the Cavern Couch for 450 coins, Jungle Flora for 150 coins, Jungle Bloom for 175 coins, Jungle Fern for 150 coins, and Desert Stones for 100 coins.

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There is one new hidden item. On page three click the Designer Log Stool for the Acacia Tree. This furniture item is 350 coins.

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After this month’s new furniture it will show December’s igloos and then show the December furniture. (and after that November furniture)

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Of course igloo flooring and igloo backgrounds are also available.

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Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 11.07.37 PM

As for hidden igloo items:

For the Cave Igloo click the Fish Fossil. This igloo is 1,500 coins.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 11.01.04 PM

Click the Sunny Sky Floor for the Terracotta Tile flooring. It is 680 coins.

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The following pages have been updated:

15 thoughts on “January 2014 Furniture and Igloo Catalogue

  1. You said on page click you mean on page five click right? Lol :D And haha I love this igloo stuff. I’m gonna make an awesome iggy soon :D
    P.S. Two questions. One, when are you posting the results? XD And Two, if you use different names but same email throughout the year, do all your comments still get tallied at the end of the year? Cause I jump around comps and devices, and don’t want half my comments to not count.

  2. The Fish Fossil is HUGE!
    I was kind of hoping for the giant fish-on-a-spit that I’ve seen in old igloos but I like a lot of it, especially the Sabre-tooth Rug and the Tortoise Dining Table.

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