Club Penguin Updates Membership Page With Prehistoric Party 2014 Sneak Peeks

In addition to adding a new login and logoff screen featuring Dino Puffles the Club Penguin Team has also updated their membership page with some sneak peeks! It gives some hints to this year’s caveman styles and also mentions we will be able to transform into dinosaurs. Here it is:

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 8.50.49 AM

It reads:

Buy Caveguin Styles!
OOGA BOOGA! Starting Jan. 9, check out fashions fit for the Prehistoric Party!

Transform into Dinos!
Roar, stomp, and fly at the Prehistoric Party Jan. 23-Feb. 4!

Limited Time Dino Puffles!
COLLECT and KEEP 6 rare dino puffles—get them Jan. 23-Feb. 4.

I’m glad transformations are returning!

Thanks Loo978!

21 thoughts on “Club Penguin Updates Membership Page With Prehistoric Party 2014 Sneak Peeks

  1. Limited time puffles, that makes it even more special! I still hope non-members are able to adopt at least 2. Also, so far the 6 limited dino puffles I think there are…


    I hope there is more though…I wanted a Green Puffle! I mean, all 7 original puffles except Green? One of the most 4 original puffles?

    Im just a little exited, in case you didnt realize….. XD I just really still hope we can keep the dino puffles after the party ends!!!
    And i hope we can transform into more HUGE dinos like the dark red trex last year, cause that was epic being that huge.

  3. I adopted one, like 70 billion years ago but now it ran away :( JK I won’t get one since my membership expires at the 17th and my parents wont renew

  4. I wonder if cp will renew the non membership page in the catalog. Also who are the winners for the 12 days of christmas contest.

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