The Fair to be February 2014’s Party

We’ve known that January 2014’s party will be a Prehistoric Party just like this year thanks to Polo Field, and now thanks to Spike Hike we know February’s Party! Many penguins have complained about there being no fair this year and the team has listened! February’s party is going to be a fair! Not a Fall Fair since it’s not Fall, but just a regular fair.


I’m excited! Are you?

Thanks to Ertyn3 for letting me use the picture!

42 thoughts on “The Fair to be February 2014’s Party

  1. I don’t really like the idea then all the parties are going to be messed up!!! I want it in fall. Thats why they call it “Fall Fair”… I like the idea of a fair early this year, but still, A fair? In February? I don’t really like where this is going… Like I said, It will mess all the parties up. But I want Only want TWO takeovers this year… Star Wars, And Marvel. THATS IT. All the others are dumb and are pointless. Such as Teen Beach Movie. That movie SUCKED. But the party was good. I hate Takeovers. Besides Some that are good. MU Takeover ruined the Recycling Plant and replaced a dumb university… And Teen Beach ruined the Cove, changing it. Turning it into crap. I think Disney is doing good. But ruining CP with stupid Takeovers! And for what? I got the answer. To advertise freaking movies!! What happened to Club Penguin’s, “No Advertising” rule? They are taking our snow!! Our Land!! I dont like it ONE bit. And they’re even changing the way The mascots look! They look like Poorly Drawn Stick figures!! (Gary mostly). I think that CP could at least keep some old rooms. They will soon change all the old rooms, such as the IceBerg, The Pool, The Ski Hill, and The Boiler Room!!! We will have no rooms left to remember..the past… And now they made things like Facebook, Twitter,and Youtube accounts!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO THEIR NO PERSONAL INFORMATION RULE?!? What has become of this online game!!! I miss my old Child Hood games. Such as FuisonFall. But its gone… ruined. Club Penguins getting there too. I dont want another piece of my child hood GONE. Forever… I lost too many pieces I cannot put back together. Another Disney Game such as Toon Town is gone too.. Disney buys everything. And they make it into something new. Then, nobody likes it anymore and they start to lose money, and more and more, and until they shut down! ClubPenguin will possibly be gone as well. I don’t want that. Another thing, Why does CP bring back old things!! They’re ruining it! They are lazy and cannot make new items because they don’t feel like it. I know somewhere, IN ALL OF YOU! Feel the same way but don’t show it. Ever since Billybob left, Spike Hike has changed CP in a good way, but also a bad way. Club Penguin still is better than other MMO games, but slowly, they are dying… They will soon fall apart. As in, Shut Down. I want the past back. Billybob back, Happy77 back. Rsnail, ScreenHog, ANYONE. But to change back the way it was. I miss the old CP. And I know everyone deep inside does too. CP if you’re reading this… I want you to know that your doing a good job. But stop changing. This isnt the CP I knew back in 2006. Or 2005, or 2007, or 2008, Even the best year I had on that place, 2009. Why must they do this to us. Why, why, why…


  2. 2014 Party Predictions:
    January: Prehistoric Party (Mascot: Gary)
    February: The Winter Fair (Mascots: Rookie)
    March: Puffle Party (Mascot: PH)
    March 30-April 2: Mini April Fools day party. (Mascot: Rookie)
    April: Superhero (Marvel) Party (Mascot: Aunt Arctic)
    May: Medieval Party (Mascot: Gary)
    June: (Some Takeover of a Disney movie)
    July; Music Jam (Mascot: Cadence and the Penguin Band
    August: Adventure Party (Mascot: Rockhopper)
    September: Something for EPF? (Mascots: Herbert,Gary,Rookie?)
    October: Halloween Party (Mascot: Gary)
    November: Something for Card Jitsu? (Mascot: Sensei?)
    December: Hoilday Party (Mascot: Rockhopper or Aunt Arctic?)

  3. Lol Trainman I just thought of something funny. When people ask what the red dot is for in the telescope, I would say Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is flying towards Club Penguin. :P

  4. YES!!!!!! I was so upset when there wasn’t a fair this year. The Fall Fair has been my favorite party since 2010. I know it won’t be the same classical version it has always been in the past, but I’m still excited for the February Fair. :D

  5. YES!!! This will be my second fall fair (even though it’s no longer fall so fair) party in CP. I’ve been playing CP for 2 years know.

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