Spike Hike Teases Holiday Party 2013: “Members can do cool things for non-members”

While Club Penguin is mostly focused on Coins For Change right now, Spike Hike has briefly hinted at what’s to come at this year’s Holiday Party – their ninth one! He was not too specific about what to expect, although he did say that it’ll have one of the coolest game mechanics the team has tried. Members will be able to do cool things for nonmembers in addition to everyone being able to help the world.

What do you think the members will be able to do for nonmembers? Could it be the train rides or is it something else?

31 thoughts on “Spike Hike Teases Holiday Party 2013: “Members can do cool things for non-members”

    • I guess so. It’ll be like before when they’ve said that non-members can actually DO something! xD They’re probably exaggerating, if anything!

  1. I can’t wait for this party because I think its gonna be awesome! And I do hope its better than last year. Santa’s Lodge is back and if The Lodge is back,then so is the Santa’s Sled with new prizes!! The train thing is an awesome idea for Club Penguin and so is the change of the Coins For Change meter because majority of penguins will donate to ‘Protect The Environment’ and it would unfair that the other two causes are getting really less donation by us penguin and the Club Penguin Team!!

    Good work Club Penguin Team,please keep coming up with awesome ideas!

    Waddle On,
    And please do donate for Coins For Change :D :) :P

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