My Penguin (Club Penguin) 1.3 Update Coming This Thursday

Spike Hike has announced on Twitter today that the next update to Club Penguin’s iPad app has been approved and will be available for download on the iOS app store beginning this Thursday!

The app, formerly called My Penguin, is available only for iPad but will be available for iPhone, iPod, and Android at some point in the future. Along with the name change this app will also have the ability to access four rooms such as the Town, new games such as Pizzatron 3000, and more!

10 thoughts on “My Penguin (Club Penguin) 1.3 Update Coming This Thursday

  1. I hope I get an iPad from Santa this Christmas…I donĀ“t want it only for the Club Penguin App but also because its faster than my Android Tablet and there are way more apps available for iPad only than Android. Also, because the iPad has more space to download apps and I tried to download the Fifa 2014 App Game and even deleting ALL the apps I have on my Android Tablet I still wont be able to obtain it. So in conclusion, the iPad is better than my Android Tablet (in my opinion).

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