Ice Rink and Mine Shack Coming Soon To iPad

More rooms are on the way to Club Penguin’s app! Among those rooms are the Ice Rink and Mine Shack.¬†Special thanks to V0rtex and Pen50gi for notifying me about the upcoming rooms. As expected these rooms are identical on the iPad as they are on the desktop computer.

The Ice Rink:


The Mine Shack:¬†NOTE: This screenshot was not taken on the iPad so all of the room’s decorations and the app’s interface do not appear in the image. Instead it was taken from the Club Penguin app files.


If the Stadium and Mine Shack are going to be added I won’t be surprised if the School will be too. I wonder how soon they’ll be available?

24 thoughts on “Ice Rink and Mine Shack Coming Soon To iPad

  1. Haha wow! I came to your site and clicked on this and found it was posted one minute before I saw it haha! That’s cool. I just can’t wait till it comes to iPhone, cause my mom just got one, and I can do stuff on it (I’m on it now lol) I hope it comes this winter/spring cause I know I’ll be a member for at least three months and it would be awesomer if I was a member so I could get the member items (well some of them anyway until it expires at least)
    And I mean in NO way to be pushy, but do you have any idea/estimate of how much more work you have to do or when you’ll post the results? I’m just curious :D

  2. Also, I think the School won’t be added that too soon because there is a pile of snow on the path to the School from the Ice Rink.

    Also, on the Town and Snow Forts you could see it was the Soccer Pitch instead of the Ice Rink…

  3. It’s out the ice rink is out Trainman look on my penguin but there is also a glitch in the map saying the only rooms available is the town and our igloo

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