Club Penguin Memories 12 Days of Contests: Your Help Needed!

Hi everyone! If you’ve been visiting Club Penguin Memories for at least a year you’ll remember that in 2011 I did the 12 days of Contests and in 2012 I did 24 Days of Contests. This year I’ll be doing 12 days of Contests and I need your help! As many of you are probably aware, coin codes and Card-Jitsu codes are hard to come across nowadays. As a result, I cannot buy and to give away in the contests. That isn’t a huge issue though, since there are other items I can give away in the contests. This year I was planning on buying multiple one month memberships (and maybe one or two three or six month memberships, I’m not sure yet) and also a few copies of Club Penguin’s ‘The Party Starts Now’ EP and give away the Bling Bling Necklace codes. Now I need your help: how should I divide the Bling Bling Necklace codes and membership codes up? Should I get 6 of each? 4 memberships and 8 Bling Bling Necklace codes? Let me know in the comments below.

Also, if you have any suggestions on what tasks to do in order to enter the contest each day feel free to let me know. :)

I will be doing the 12 Days of Contests from Friday, December 13th to Tuesday, December 24th so stay tuned.

58 thoughts on “Club Penguin Memories 12 Days of Contests: Your Help Needed!

  1. I’m not even entering this year. Plus I have no idea.(I already opened and redeemed a 6 month membership as a super early Christmas gift, and I bought the Party Starts Now EP yesterday and redeemed the code.)

  2. Well you might do the bling bling necklaces and 1 month memberships for the easier contest (like hide your penguin you know and block off the name) and then save the bigger memberships for harder ones.

  3. I’m glad you are doing it again this year! Honestly, I’m a tad bit disappointed there are not any coin codes but I understand (it seems as if CP wants to get rid of them!).

    I’d suggest giving away a good amount of bling bling necklace codes, because people seem to really like them.

  4. Train I need you help. I payed for the CP Cd on the itunes store or whatever like when it first came out, and I emailed cp the receipt and they said it wasn’t valid! I’ve been waiting all this time and still haven’t gotten it. Do you have suggestions for me to do?

    • For the contests penguins have 24 hours to enter. Anyone who enters will have their name put in a raffle – they won’t be at a certain time where you have to come on to the site. :)

  5. Hey train, if i possibly win (which i most likely wont be whatever) and if you cant buy CJ codes and coin codes, i would like of the ones you listed, one membership (i would like the longest you have but any one is fine) and one bling bling necklace code. Thanks!

  6. 9 membership and 3 Bling Bling codes. There are way more non members so it’s a perfet chirstnas gift for those penguins.

  7. Maybe 7 membership and 5 BBN? But really, 6-6 is most fair i think. BBN you only get 1 item but membership can make the game funner. BBN last since it’s yours but membership doesn’t last forever. Hope this helps you! And thanks for doing this, ‘we’ appreciate it! :)

  8. 6 6, or maybe more memberships. TY soo much train! This contest just shows in yet another way what an epicaly awesome guy you are!

  9. I wasn’t too sure how to enter last year, how do you? I know, it hasn’t started!

    Memberships are pretty expensive, so 4 memberships and 8 ‘Bling bling’ necklaces is a wise option.

  10. Personally, The Party Starts Now EP is a hideous album, and I really do wonder what you’ll do with a million physical copies… you can’t sell them without a code, as nobody buys them for the music, just for the code.

    Memberships, it’s good to have a few of those. Where I live they’ve completely rid of Club Penguin toys, at Toys R Us the Club Penguin section (which was very small) has been scrapped and replaced with an extension to the Barbie section…

    I think try to do something else, like maybe ask for a donation of a CP Magazine code from UK viewers or other countries which get the mag with the exclusive items. TPSN is only £2.99 where I live, so it isn’t a huge forkout. CP gives away memberships all the time with campaigns like the mag, Innocent, iBitz, etc, so it isn’t super hard to get a membership, plus they’re dead expensive so…

    I am sure many online retailers still stock Club Penguin products. Personally, Bling Bling codes are a silly idea, memberships, don’t buy too many, otherwise it will lose it’s “specialness”. If you’re buying 8 TPSN, then you better have a good idea on what to do with them (which isn’t Christmas tree decorations with the discs…).

    To sum it up. RIP. Decent Club Penguin giveaways.

  11. Oh, ok wow…. (dj stores)
    i was just gonna add that there are alot of nonmember penguins out there that for whatever reasons, they and or their family cannot afford membership, and to those penguins, they would much rather win a membership, than just one item.
    To all the member penguins that can afford it, they might rather have the BBN, and think that everyone feels that way too, but to the large amount of penguins that can’t afford membership, its the other way around.
    I think you should do more memberships than BBNs, and i feel that a lot of non members would agree with me. As for not feeling “special” if some other people get the same prize, if someone wins one of these days, they should feel special already. just cause someone won the same prize (who cares! its not like there isnt already tons of members out there!) doesnt mean the prize is degraded in any way, it just means more people have the enjoyment of that wonderful prize generously donated by train.
    I personally know what it feels like to be a non member who cant afford membership at a current time, and wins two weeks of membership. It is an incredibly amazingly awesome feeling. I was like literally jumping for joy for like a week. And to put it in perspective, that was only 2 weeks of membership. This is something that penguins who can afford to always be a member might not understand, but im sure that many penguins like me who cant always afford membership, would understand and have the same reaction.

    Okay, sorry… ill stop now XD But i could go on… lol

  12. Its quite amazing Trainman is giving free stuff to people he doesn’t even know, now that’s generous. I’ve always wanted a BBN, and now I might!

    Well, I hope he doesn’t become poor or anything, I wonder how much those pesky advertises give him…

    • Haha – I don’t make millions off the ads (I wish! :P) but as someone who doesn’t have a job in real life it’s nice having them to make a few bucks. Most of what I make is stored in my bank bank for future items such as college but I don’t wanna keep it all to myself, I gotta give back to you guys and gals sometimes! :-)

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