Club Penguin Memories 12 Days of Contests 2013 – Day 12

Day 12 of 12 for the Club Penguin Memories 12 Days of Contests 2013 is now here! Starting from the moment this post is published (December 24, 2013 at midnight PST) you will have exactly 24 hours (until 11:59 PM PST of the same day) to enter to win the code up for grabs today. The task differs day to day, so make sure you read instructions in each post carefully!

For today’s contest all you need to do is leave a comment below letting me know if I should do this again next year!

Once you leave a comment with your answer you will get an entry in the raffle for today. The prize up for grabs for day twelve is a Pink Castle Pin code. A huge thanks to Buddytoe for donating this code…and please don’t hound him for a code! Any entries for this day after 11:59 PM PST will not count. Instead, enter next year!

Do not cheat by entering under multiple names each day as you will be disqualified. Make sure you include your email address when submitting a comment so I can give you the code if you win! That is crucial, as without an email I cannot contact you to give you the code. All you have to do is put the email address in the email box when leaving a comment or stick it in your comment and I’ll edit it out so nobody else can see it. Remember, all 12 winners (one per day) will be announced on the 25th of December. PLEASE NOTE THAT WINNERS ARE NOT GOING TO BE POSTED AT EXACTLY MIDNIGHT PST. It will be later in the day. If for some reason I am unable to post the winners on Christmas Day I will make a post letting everyone know I’ve been delayed (TAS 1000 reference intended) and will do it as soon as possible.

You can reference this post at any time for all of the information you might need to know. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me at any time and I will try my best to respond as soon as possible. Good luck everyone, and may the odds be ever in your favour. Thanks for a fun twelve days! :)

201 thoughts on “Club Penguin Memories 12 Days of Contests 2013 – Day 12

  1. Hey there, Trainman1405, I think you should host this giveaway next year also.Because, it attracts the visitors to this site and also gives a chance to players who don’t have membership or club penguin merchandise codes.
    Happy Holidays,

  2. Dear Trainman1405,
    I think that you should do that contest next year! But you should make it more than 12 days! Because you’re giving ppl chances to get memberships for free, or codes. And this contest gives ppl more chances to win! you should make the contest next year !

  3. Yes, you should do this again next year. I didn’t participate i n this year’s stuff for the most part simply because I already have it. But this is something I don’t have… so I’m entering! Merry Christmas, Trainman1405!

  4. Dear, Trainman1405! :) This is Mimi Poko in here! I dont think so that you dont know my name before XD! But i know you and i got saw you in clubpenguin once! :D. Okay now lets come to the point. I want you to do this 12 days of contest next year too; because i had never ever won in your contest and i got some fun by doing your contests! And everyday i never forget your contest. But this year i did forget that your having a contest in your blog. i mean i didn’t forgot! i had gone to my cousins house because they was celebrating there’r Son’s 21’st birthday. So that i was unavailable to join in your contest. i feel sad for it. And i wish that in one day i could add you in clubpenguin. Ok now lets back to the point again, i want you to do the contest for next year also because atleast i have a chance to win at your contest (: and only i have nothing right now. also i cant even buy a code in my country because im staying in Malaysia. i feel shame for that. but my penguin IS a member by my uncles credit card XD! You know something? i don’t have father he passed away when i was 4 years old in 2004 december 26. :( and tomorrow IS MY BIRTHDAY!! WOO HOO!! i hope i will win the pinkcastle code! Thanks trainman1405 i know that im not the winner even in 1 day of 12 days contest in your blog atleast im trying for this. :’) Thanks Trainman1405! Dont think that im lying that tomorrows my birthday then you will give me the code. Never! i promise my mum its really my birthday! :D Wish me!

    • Hey Mimi! Sorry for the late reply, still going through a few contest entries. I’m sorry to hear about your farther and happy (very belated) birthday! I hope you had a good one. One day I might be able to add, but currently my buddy list is full. :/

  5. You should Train! It gets us in the Christmas spirit! You tell us some facts we don’t know when you ask questions like, the penguin who was wearing The Red Hard Helmet,The Swirly Glasses and The Blue Mail Bag. We had to guess what year they were released in. Thanks for the facts! If I could make a Wiki, I would usually put you in the acknowledgements page! You give us a wonderful challenge for Christmas!

    Hope you like my comment,
    Mario fan300

    (my email address is [removed for privacy – thanks!])

    P.S. I didn’t come up with that email name, my bro did. That’s not my name. I Can’t tell you my name, people go on this website and may find out.

  6. Definitely! It’s great participating in the contests for the past 12 days. The task are pretty fun! Anyways, Thanks again for the giveaways, Trainman!

    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

  7. Happy HOlidays!!! :D

    Arh arh arh, i wish ya a merry Christmas and a Har Har Happy New Year Full of New Treasures and things to Discover!

    waddle,on Trainman and all the Penguins Who visit this Blog :D

  8. I would enjoy it if you did it again next year, but its entirely up to you. I wouldn’t wan’t you to carry on if its costing a lot of money but yea I would enjoy to do this again as i love trying to work out the answers but its up to you! :D

  9. Um……
    let me think……
    that’s a hard one……..
    I think im gonna say…………

  10. Hey Trainman!
    First of all I want to thank you for making those Contests and I’m sure that everyone will be happy to win those prizes! I think it will be cool if there is another contest next year if you;re going to have the chance and I’m sure that everyone thinks the same way! I think you’re amazing and I thank you for all those chances you gave us to win some cool items! I hope that those who can’t afford to get any of those amazing prizes will win and I wish you Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Thanks again! =]

  11. Yes! You should do this again! It challenges different CP Players and it also adds up to the users who visit the site. Happy Holidays Train!

  12. Yes, In my opinion you should do it, if you have the ability to buy more codes. That is a great ideia for penguins to try to win some codes that are not available in their countries. Merry Christmas ! :D

  13. I would love you to do this again! Its so kind and generous, some penguins parents don’t like buying them codes or membership, but you are giving everyone a chance! This is true Club Penguin behaviour, we should all look up to Trainman1405! Thanks for doing these contests! :)

  14. Instead enter next year, ha ha, that made me laugh. I think you should do it next year, but let people donate codes to give away if you can only get Bling Bling and membership. Maybe 24 days of Contests next year like you did last year. 12 days felt far too short this year!

  15. Yeah you should do this again next year, it gives people who can’t afford membership the chance to win one which I think is very kind of you Train. (=

  16. I totally think you should do it next year, it gives non-members a chance to get a great present for them. Especially all the people who don’t get much income, or their country doesn’t sell membership or BBNs. But again, it is your money come from this. If you are saving up money for an important thing, just do 1 or 2 giveaways. :) Hope you consider this as a ..’thing’

  17. Yes, because it will make a lot of penguins that can’t afford a membership very happy.
    I think this was a great idea, and that you should really do this again next year.

    Thanks train for all of the gifts!

  18. [email removed for privacy – thanks!] Hey Trainman1405 yes, I think that this contest is a super idea and that you should do it next year cause well it was a super idea of yours.
    Waddle on :)

  19. You definitely should do this next year! This was a great idea for the people that don’t have the chance to buy codes. You are very generous Trainman, very generous.

  20. Please do this next year. It was really fun to answer questions and earn codes. It really helped me brush up on my knowledge on Club Penguin.

  21. I think..
    Yes you should do this again next year!
    It gives penguins a great chance to get some items!
    Some non-members might win a contest and will have a membership,and they will enjoy there christmas!
    Some people may get rare item codes or codes with you have to pay money for..
    Some penguins cant get these codes as they don’t sell them anywhere near them,so this is there chance to win and not be cheated on!
    But in the end,the most important thing of all,everyone will have fun,whether they won or not,its just a game for fun!

  22. yeah! this is my first “12 day of contests” and it cave me back the old christmas emotion when i was child, i loved thanks to you so much, repeat it next year please and merry christmas

  23. I think that you would do this the next year because is a good way to interact with your followers and readers!!!!

    Merry Christmas Train And Greetings From Colombia!!!

  24. Yes, you should certainly to this next year! I mean things have been so cool, many tricky questions were asked, some were really tough too. For Day 10 I had look up the whole CP head item directory to find that answer(I got it wrong btw). So, yes you SHOULD do this next year.

    [email removed for privacy – thanks!]

    -Lion3980 :)

  25. I think you definitely should because it is a fun way for us to receive and you get to promote this awesome game by giving out great prizes while sharing the holiday\Christmas spirit online through a game we all love!

  26. My answer is yes, because you give the opportunity to have many things that we would like to have. Keep it up, you have a big heart.

    (My e-mail is [removed for privacy – thanks!])

  27. Whoops of course you should do this again!!!
    My email is [removed for privacy – thanks!]
    Thanks for such a wonderful holiday

  28. Trainman I love your blog a lot because you post the updates as they come out every Wednesday at 9 pst time and you are a really good typer by the way and I will probably not leave this blog until I quit club penguin.

  29. I think you should do this again next year because it gives opportunities to penguins who cannot afford membership or codes :) It will make someone’s day when they found out they won!

  30. You should! You should! :D Hopefully its bigger like 2012 with 24 days of contest. However, I know the economic problems and I would like to thank you a lot for giving us these beautiful prizes, specially for the holidays. Thank you Trainman and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a bright new year!

  31. That will make me happy.If you make this giveaway next year,than you are somebody who
    like making PENGUINS happy and funny.Again big thanks for this giveaway.I can’t wait for anorher one.
    Please,trainman,comment on this reply.

  32. Yes, Trainman I think you should. Because people such as non-members get things they normally wouldn’t get by clubpenguin such as a free membership. But, you have a warm heart to those kinds of people. It’s kind of like CFC. You give to those in need. That’s why I think you should do this next year too. :)


  33. You should definitely do this next year!!! It gives some penguins who maybe don’t have the money to buy a membership or have parents who wont let them get one be able to play as a member. It really is heartwarming that a penguin does this for another penguin, and it would be awesome to continue.
    Thanks Trainman

  34. Yes, you could do! Why besides I haven’t won any contest, next year I will not play anymore, I’m dead. <:'(. But I still do every time. Ok? ;)

    • Yes, you could do! Why besides I haven’t won any contest, next year I will not play anymore, I’m dead. <:'(. But you have do every time. Ok? ;)

  35. I think you shouldn’t do this , I mean all the time and effort you spend on your blogs,you should keep the money you use for these codes for all the hard work you put into your blogging :)

  36. I believe you should do this again next year. why? Because it was very fun doing all your little different tasks each day. I also think is a good way to use or good club penguin memory and things.
    I also was wondering what this is > (TAS 1000 reference intended) <.
    I really would like to win this one very badly. and I MUCH APPRECIATE this site and what you're doing. Thank you. Keep up the good work my friend.

    • TAS 1000 has a song called “I’ve Been Delayed”. The song was in Penguin Chat, the game before Club Penguin. :)

  37. Honestly, I think that you should do this again next year. Christmas Eve is already here all of a sudden, as everyone is eager to wake up and find presents under his/her tree! Your 12 Days of Contests grasps penguin’s attentions and grants us a chance to win this opportunity.
    And duh, I am one of them.
    Anyways, 12 Days of Contests is a very generous gift from you and although I may not win, I will truly be very happy for those who won. Besides, isn’t entering the contest a Christmas gift for all of us? (;
    Merry Christmas!!!

  38. trainman, you are very generous for doing this for us. As much as I want you to continue this, I think you should save your codes. I would. I never get codes. I understand most people like getting things, but the Holidays are a about giving, which is what you are doing. go ahead if you would like to continue, but save your money. You never know when a quick buck can come in handy. ;) Continue if you like, I agree with any decision you make. Merry Christmas Trainman.

  39. Yes , trainman , i propouse you to do this content next year too , because is a cool contest with presents like membership and bling-bling codes , man do this again next year ! ;)

  40. You TOTALLY should do this next year. I wasn’t around for the whole thing, but it was really fun and cool. Thanks so much for doing this, Train! :D

  41. Yes! I love seeing people in joy when they redeem a special code like these. I wish I could enter the. Contests but I don’t have internet where I am…

    [email removed for privacy – thanks!]

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