Club Penguin Coins For Change 2013 Game On Commercial

Disney’s new Game On commercial is now airing on television! This time Hallie talks about Coins For Change, which begins on December 19th. There are spoilers so view this post and watch the video at your own risk if you want it to be a surprise!

Here is the commercial:

Now for a recap of all the sneak peeks from the video:

Here is the Ski Village. There are Coins For Change and present emotes.


You’ll be able to ride a train around the island! …and is the old postcard/friend request icon there? Odd!


The more coins you earn the more you can donate. Train can be rode all around the island.


Here’s the…Snow Forts? (I’m not sure what room but it seems likely)


It looks like there will be a train whistle emote too.


Here’s some of the items we’ll be able to get during Coins For Change. I doubt the grey colour is coming since Club Penguin tends to use that colour to test items and model what it would look like, but you never know.




Coins For Change 2013 is going to be awesome!

Thanks Rubik Fruit!

39 thoughts on “Club Penguin Coins For Change 2013 Game On Commercial

  1. Train! The one room that you said you thought was the snow forts is the snowforts as that was how it was decorated last year.

  2. This sounds great. But it’s a bit weird how a christmas party with almost every room decorated has turned into a party with a few Christmassy rooms, some ice palace rooms and others are about toys and trains? Trains…? Really… The bakery to make cookies has been changed to a train station. I hope the reindeer puffle transformation comes back!!!

  3. Who is this guy, Whoever guesses gets a membership for CP (just kidding) who is it though for real?
    And, why is his igloo NOT open?

    And his mailbox is full??

    I think I’m gonna report him!
    He has a horrible name!
    Ok Trainman this is all just a joke. I did not report you to CP, you name is Awesome, and I honestly don’t care if you’r mail box is full.
    please publish this comment though
    waddle on

  4. Is this Graser you’r brother? I just met him! Ask him if you can add me please?

    This is now kinda a competition!
    Look at how different our playercards Stamps, igloos Ect..are: and I give it to Graser (playercard/outfit) and He has 35 more stamps so I give it to graser (stamps) AND Mine, I give it to me this time (igloo) and I have way more puffles than him, so me! (Puffles)

    How many coins does he have? I have…> Can’t say who one cause Don’t know how many he there was a Beta in that pic.

    Postcards from famouse penguins I have:
    Polo Field:
    powder ball:
    tommy234 56:
    AM NOT SURE HOW MANY Famous friends on my list.
    Who’s the better penguin me or him?

    • Yep, he’s my brother. He doesn’t really go on CP anymore though since he’s quit and he doesn’t really add unfortunately/ And wow you have a lot of coins and stamps! Way more than me lol. I’d say you’re better. ;-)

  5. Train I’m from New Zealand and we have an exclusive cp add on Disney channel about the holiday party and it had some awesome secrets on it! I recorded it for you if you want me to post the link? -MINAMAX

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