#WaddleOn Season 2, Episode 2 Released

Club Penguin’s new #WaddleOn episode is here! This is their second episode of season two. This episode is all about Gary. Remember, as of season 2 the new episodes are being released on Wednesdays instead of Fridays. Here it is:

The sketches this week are:

  • Time Machine
  • Turning Penguins into House Plants
  • Blacksmith Force
  • Hair Styles
  • Mad Scientist Convention

Which sketch did you like the most? I enjoyed the Blacksmith Force one the most, I laughed out loud at it.

31 thoughts on “#WaddleOn Season 2, Episode 2 Released

  1. oh gosh the future dome is really awesome, i think the penguisn there were taken from gary’s 28 october meetup, and with an adition program they put the dome in the BG, i love this one

    • Holy cow…
      HE’S RIGHT, you DID post about a Future Dome. And, as I mentioned before, it was REALLY good editing, but now I wonder if it was even editing at all…

      • I just read one of Gary’s scripts on that post, and it says he was talking about “Town and Plaza in the future look a lot better”… Maybe this was a cancelled party, and they’re using these rooms for the episode. I’d prefer this party over a Prehistoric Party ANY day.

  2. Trainman! I found some exclusives!

    On the hair styles sketch, a pink penguin wears an unreleased wig, the penguin is Flower Miss look: http://prntscr.com/22f5a3

    Also, on the last sketch, it looks there will be a futuristic party or something like that! Some swfs released earlier this year said about “Gary Future Fest Giveaway” and playercard also! AWESOME!

  3. Laughed a lot at the Hair Styles one (as well as the Blacksmith Force one :P). I was gonna make a comment on Gary being bald but nevermind, the episode did it for me.

  4. A little backstory on the Future Dome….last year there was a plan to migrate CP to a new technology and we created the concept of the Future Dome as a way to preview all the new things the technology would bring. It would have shown the 3D penguin, the new rooms, and the ability to jump to friend. However, we found out the new tech wasn’t ready and so we decided to prove it out on mobile instead of changing the web.

    We also had this cool idea for a commercial that never got made. Kinda of a spoof on Back To The Future. Gary would come back through time in the Time Trekker and jump out and say “Gadzook!! I just got back from the future! You won’t believe what they have there – we’re all in 3D!!” Rockhopper, Aunt Arctic, and Jet Pack Guy would all say “I want to see!” And jump in the Time Trekker. Just as they do Rookie would say “But Mr G, you almost forgot your computer!” And then G would say: “Computer? Where we’re going, we don’t NEED computers.” The Time Trekker would levitate up, the screen would pull back, and you would see that they were all on an iPad. We were going to try to license the Back To The Future music too. But Disney doesn’t own Back To the Future so it was too complicated. It was nonetheless, a cool idea.

    So the Future Party never happened but all that stuff has been worked on and is being rolled out. But if people want a Future Party…..

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