Throwback Thursday – Puffle Party 2009

It’s Throwback Thursday! Club Penguin is celebrating this day of the week by bringing back their cartoon short from the 2009 Puffle Party. Here it is:

Were you around for the 2009 Puffle Party?

14 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Puffle Party 2009

  1. I always loved this video. Since this was made before the Puffle Party of 2009, there is a small Easter egg where there is only one orange puffle in the stampede of hungry puffles. I always find that interesting.

  2. joined 2010 can’t remember what month but one thing I can remember is that there was no brown puffle or rainbow or gold so CP needs to make a video with these puffles in it.

  3. Oh wow! I remember this video!! It was the first year I had joined Club Penguin. I was laughing so hard when I have saw this video. It was so funny and adorable!! Hard to believe that was four years ago…

  4. If you joined club penguin before 2010 you guys will remember when the gold puffles and rainbow puffles were just myths. I remember when people thought there was a secret or a glitch to getting them. :)

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