Quest For Gold Puffle Starts November 14th, Operation Puffle Starts November 21st

The new Puffle is definitely gold! Club Penguin’s membership page has been updated showing a sneak peek of the Gold Puffle, the November 2013 Penguin Style items, and also Operation Puffle. Here’s what’s displayed:

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 11.18.45 AM

New Penguin Styles!
Ready for outdoor adventure? Check the latest styles in the Clothes Shop—out now!

Gold Puffle!
Quest for the new gold puffle starting Nov. 14 and walk it to find super rare items!

Exclusive Gear!
All new rescue items available only during Operation Puffle date Nov. 21–Dec. 3.

It looks like Operation Puffle is going to be very involved!

91 thoughts on “Quest For Gold Puffle Starts November 14th, Operation Puffle Starts November 21st

  1. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!

    I also wonder what ‘Operation Puffle’ is gonna be. Herbert may have broken into our igloos when we were hunting the golden puffle and hypnotized our other puffles? Just a guess.

  2. SUPER RARE ITEMS????? DOES THIS MEAN THE BETA HAT????? The items we get from regular puffles are rare enough (as rare as 06 items) but there isn’t nothing rarer than a beta hat.

  3. Woot! i was right! the golden puffle is real! I wonder what the golden puffle can do???? and for operation puffle here what i think will happen: While we are hunting the gold puffle, i think Herbert will come all to our igloos and take all of our puffles, and Brain wash them, but the golden puffle does not get taken by Herbert, so i think we have to use the gold puffle to Save the other puffles from herbert.

  4. Start of Operation Puffle:
    *Show scene of Herbert talking to Klutzy, we may get to hear his voice*
    He talks about all his past failed missions, he says he knows a way to make penguins worship him, to make them become his slaves, to make them make the island finally warm, ”Ill take away their most beloved creatures……… PUFFLES!”
    *Operation Puffle logo on screen*
    *It starts with the pet shop and hotel blowing up*
    Whenever you go to your igloo there will be a note in it, and it will be from herbert saying, ” No more puffles….”

  5. Hey,since that penguin is wearing a body item with a vehicle,does that mean CP will have a vehicle section in the inventory?

  6. Believe it or not, I’m against the idea of a golden puffle. I think at least one puffle should remain a rumor, and the golden puffle is it. Now Quest For The Golden Puffle is just kind of pointless. However, I probably will adopt a golden puffle. If the golden puffle’s going to exist, I may as well make the best of it (the super rare items does sound cool).

  7. I remember the glitch where all the puffles were gone for a day or two.
    Penguins were storming around the island with any weapon they had looking for Herbert!

    • YEAH! That would be like, TOTALLY AWESOME!
      I can’t wait.
      When I get a Golden Puffle, I am going to name it Sparky!

  8. ehh. 2 puffles in 1 year is too much for me. and CP has totally gotten rid of the element of mystery and curiosity that i get from rainbow/gold puffles. it might be cool though

  9. I think the Golden Puffle is fake and developed by Herbert, and then they transform in to Herbert’s minions destroying igloos and everything. Golden Puffles will always be a myth…

  10. this means to parties in nomvember??? golden quest an Op puffle, this also means that Op puffle have nothing to do with golden puffles, so it’s plot is still unknown :o, for other side, super rare items???? COOL please rare penguins dont get mad! my cousin ‘s friend plays CP and cares rarity, and he is so conceited due to that

  11. Train i know what im going to name my golden puffle! since he is golden he will be like a golden medal to me so i will name him after the fastest man on earth… *drum roll* Usain Bolt!!

  12. Look at the newspaper, rookie mentions a secret fifth class of the EPF… I’m guessing its puffle and the golden puffles will be elite puffles.

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