New Logoff Screen Teases Golden Puffles

Last week there was a bug where no logoff screens appeared, however Club Penguin has finally fixed this! Along with fixing the bug they also added a new logoff screen. This one teases Gold Puffles. Check it out. It reads “Members can Quest for Gold Puffles starting November 14th.”



3 thoughts on “New Logoff Screen Teases Golden Puffles

      • I don’t think it’s that one, because the horns are gold too! It IS a golden gold viking helmet! :O
        I don’t like the idea of Golden Puffles though! It was supposed to be just an in joke for CP fans, and now it’s actually going to be made real. It’s like what I thought with the Rainbow Puffle, it isn’t right! :( This is supposed to be a long running joke, not a reality! (Ouest for the Golden Puffle!) Oh dear, I miss old CP!

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