My Penguin 1.3 Coming Soon

It’s been a few months since the huge My Penguin 1.2 was released but that doesn’t mean development has stopped! In addition to working on My Penguin for the iPhone and Android the team is also working on another update for the iPad app. While no release date has been given, Spike Hike did say they’re testing it for a few weeks and then submitting it to Apple.

I’m going to guess it will be out towards the middle of December, probably close to Christmas – that way penguins who receive an iPad from Santa or a relative for the holidays can get the latest and greatest version of My Penguin!

What do you think will be in My Penguin 1.3? More games? Minor features? I have a feeling Puffles will be viewable in igloos with this update, as currently they don’t appear. Who knows, maybe My Penguin 1.3 will be all about Puffles! It would be cool if you could adopt them and take care of them directly from the app.

In Spike Hike’s screenshot above you can also see a map icon in the bottom navigation bar. Currently it’s just a joystick.

When Club Penguin shares more news about this upcoming update I will definitely post about it.

5 thoughts on “My Penguin 1.3 Coming Soon

  1. Maybeaye puffle party 2014 will release it being the biggest update in puffle history? I think we can visit pet shop and hotel to do the quests and play the games too. Or else the map is just because when you click the joystick it takes you to a map, so they wanted to make it look better? Santa clause won’t make me happy, with a toy on Christmas Day, I just want that update, more than you could ever know. make my wish come true… Sorry XD

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