Club Penguin Preparing For the Holidays With New Winter Unlockables

Club Penguin seems to be getting ready to release some new codes to unlock winter themed items! I have no idea what they are so don’t ask me for the codes.¬†UPDATE: Seems all of these (with the exception of the BFF Bracelet and the item Saraapril found) are from the new Club Penguin Magazine issue. Oops. Thanks everyone!¬†Some of these unlockable items are already available in Club Penguin but now with an identical version you can unlock. Such items include:

  • The Hornament Hat (from Holiday Party 2011)
  • Blue Puffle Stuffie (from Holiday Party 2012)
  • Snowman (furniture item)

An all new never before released unlockable item was also added to Club Penguin’s files. It’s called the BFF Bracelet.


Finally, the penguin Saraapril has found a furniture item that will probably be released during Operation Puffle. You can view the image of it on her website.

18 thoughts on “Club Penguin Preparing For the Holidays With New Winter Unlockables

  1. Trainman, “The Hornament Hat”, “Blue Puffle Stuffie” and “Snowman” are the 3 items that you can unlock with the issue 24 of CP Magazine available in UK.

  2. The blue puffle stuffie, hornament hat and snowman are all unlock able from the newest magazine. I have it. The bracelet,,I have no idea. Also, there will be a new blue snowflake ornament to wear in the December catalogue. And the snowflake costume will return. This is all from the magazine so I posted here to point it out to you. -Jjoeyxx

  3. How do u get to know about Club Penguin’s files? Is there an app or a link to access them? Are you authorized to view them ?

  4. the hornament hat is from the magisnene thingi but their is another code this is it HOLIDAY1 USE IT it gives you the hornament hat I have the blue puffle stuffle but not a code and thats it for now

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