October 1, 2013 Train Tuesday (Now Over)

UPDATE: Train Tuesday is now over!

From earlier:

It’s time for this week’s Train Tuesday meetup! Right now we are on the server Mammoth. Be warned, this week’s Train Tuesday is going to be short! We’re only going to have time to play games this week, no igloo visiting. Sorry!

Right now we are at: Offline

3 thoughts on “October 1, 2013 Train Tuesday (Now Over)

  1. Well… it kind of IS fair. The UK and some other countries get the CP magazine. The US doesn’t, and if we want one we we would have to buy it online. Same for the new treasure memberships or whatever they are, US gets the special memberships, the UK and some other countries don’t. Unless, they buy it online. So, we should be evenly happy. Hey, like the CP magazine did, they expanded to other countries. Maybe they will do the same with the special memberships?

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