My Day In Club Penguin – Tundrafluff

Here’s a new video by Club Penguin showcasing a day in the life of Tundrafluff. This video was first added to the Disney Australia Club Penguin page a little over a week ago. See if you can spot Polo Field and Businesmoose!

Fun fact, I first met Tundrafluff in 2007! Yes, many years ago! Back when I was a noob and cared about rareness I saw these three unheard of beta testers, they were at the Dock on Mammoth or Frozen (I forget, for those of you who don’t know these were the old equivalent of hanging out on Sleet) wearing beta hats. I do think the three penguins below are actually former or current Club Penguin staff members as I checked a list someone made of every real beta and they were not listed. Anyway, here’s the picture I had taken of Tundrafluff and the two others back in 2007. The only weird this is Tundrafluff’s voice is kind of young to be an employee… =P You can also spot Tundrafluff in Club Penguin’s 2011 Fair video.


35 thoughts on “My Day In Club Penguin – Tundrafluff

  1. Trainman, Polo Field,Businesmoose at 11,17, seconds! polo at 20
    And is that Spike Hike with the mowhawk at 16 seconds?
    His voice does sound like he’s to young, maybe like 13-14 years of age! Lol
    P.S still up for my Bday party October 14th? Time,server, will come soon!

  2. TRAINMAN, CLUB PENGUIN UPDATE PLEASE GIVE ME CREDIT: Hey Trainman, I was waddling around Club Penguin when I got a friend request so I added her. So I Decided to look at my Friends list! I scrolled all the way to the bottom and found out that Rookies player card is updated ONLY ON THE FRIENDS LIST if you click it,it will be the same as before! Thnxs for reading this Trainman
    Waddle On

  3. ANOTHER UPDATE TRAINMAN: Sorry for all the updates I’ve commented Trainman,but if you look at Spike Hikes twitter he says “Spike Hike ‏@SpikeHikeCP 4 Oct
    Actually for people who want a CP store…we have something awesome coming this Fall!”

  4. Aaah yes…I remember the old days…now Sleet is the only server left and sleet is in danger (Sleet was full like 3 times already and hackers and trying to take over too)

  5. First, Abominable and Mammoth were the popular ones. Then during Rockhopper’s Quest, Belly Slide. And finally, later on to right now, Blizzard is constantly full day and night. However not for members. Sleet is still popular they made the Town into the ”Dock”. :P

  6. I know this is strange, but I have always admired the way CP animates things.

    Thus making me jealous of Tundrafluff :-p

  7. Hello trainman1405, how did you made the club penguin fronts written text on the header above which says Club Penguin Memories? Please let me know.
    Stay frosty =P

  8. Train ur not a noob ur a newbie, newbies in cp is someone thats still learning about cp (1 year total) but a noob is like a troll 24/7 or breaks the rules all the time or is really annoying

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