Meet Cadence In Portuguese Servers Today Only! (October 14th)

Continuing Club Penguin’s ongoing celebration this month of the Portuguese version of the game being around for five years and counting, today only, Monday October 14th, Cadence will be waddling around some Portuguese servers! She does not have a new background however if you don’t have her stamp you can meet her, add her, and obtain her current giveaway background. The servers listed below are all Portuguese servers.


  1. 5:30 AM PST on the server Granizo
  2. 9:15 AM PST on the server Bloco de Gelo
  3. 11:30 AM PST on the server Geladeira
  4. 12:50 PM PST on the server Pororoca Polar

For EST add three hours to the PST times. For the UK add eight hours to the PST times. You can always look at the Snow Forts clock tower to see what time in PST it is.

9 thoughts on “Meet Cadence In Portuguese Servers Today Only! (October 14th)

  1. Today’s my birthday,if you can make it today Please come.
    Time: 11:00 AM _penguin standerd Time-
    Room: Well start at iceberg and travel to other rooms as it goes on
    What well we do?: Have fun, I’ll interview you, And play games like sled race.
    I hope you can make it Trianman it would be a GREAT Bday gift
    Waddle On

  2. She really going to show up?
    We’re getting tired of being told they will show and go to all the trouble getting there in time before the server fills, and then being blown off.
    Sandy waited over an hour and a half for his hero Sensei and got no Sensei just the stamp, Bobby waited for Polo and nobody on the server could find him and his igloo wasn’t there.

    Getting to the point we aren’t going to bother to tell the little kids any more.

    • If a penguin gets the stamp, it means the mascot was in the room. Maybe Sensei was just crowded so you didn’t see him? I dunno. I’m just relaying the official times Club Penguin gives out. Sorry to hear you’re encountering trouble!

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