Club Penguin Teases Their New Show “The Spoiler Alert”

For those of you who follow Polo Field on Twitter you may have seen some of his tweets mentioning the game’s new upcoming podcast ‘The Spoiler Show’.

Anyway, while details are currently scarce Club Penguin has tweeted a sneak peek of the show’s logo:

The image:


I wonder what the show will be about? Sneak peeks? Talking about future updates?

25 thoughts on “Club Penguin Teases Their New Show “The Spoiler Alert”

  1. Better be better than #WaddleOn :| Waddle On was horrible. I hope they go back to the (actually) funny animated shorts like “Never Wake a Sleeping Sensei” or do something completely new and good. #WaddleOn seemed like a cool concept at first, but overusing jokes (Example: Oh no I broke something! BLACKSMITH FORCE! Yay its fixed so not funny at all/I WANNA EAT EARTHLINGS) got old fast. It seems a little cool so far, I’m assuming it’ll be like Disney’s Game On where they review future events and such. It’ll probably take #WaddleOn’s place on Fridays hopefully. Also when is that Spike Hike interview coming? :P

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