#WaddleOn Episode 10 – Find Your Voice

Club Penguin’s 10th episode of #WaddleOn, a double length musical special, is now out! Here is the video:

Did you like this musical special?

47 thoughts on “#WaddleOn Episode 10 – Find Your Voice

  1. considering that we missed a sketch show, this is really bad to me. It wasn’t even funny and disney wasted an episode in my opinion

    • By miss do you mean no episode last week? That was done purposefully for this one. And this episode wasn’t really meant to be funny.

  2. That’s a really good video, btw did you noticed that they were singing Justin Bieber’s “Baby” song at the start of the video? O_e dang it…At least they didn’t mention it was JB or something like that…

  3. I wish we could actually talk on CP but my parents would probably not like that for like kidnapping but truthfully I think it would be a great idea………..

  4. I wish this was a song i wish i wish i wish oh and train have you noticed that some characters from previous waddles ons are there like goldsmith force and that alien along with pizza man? BTW turbos voice sounds amazing

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