September 3, 2013 Train Tuesday (Now Over)

UPDATE: This week’s Train Tuesday is now over! Thanks for coming everyone!

From earlier:

Hey everyone, it’s now time for today’s Train Tuesday! I’m on the server Snow Flake right now! Here’s a tracker with the room:

I hope to see you there!

22 thoughts on “September 3, 2013 Train Tuesday (Now Over)

  1. Hey, train! If “I” in a word, for sample, I are, and no the “i” was error? Because here on brazil was ip so: “Estou” (are), and “Eu Estou” (on case “I” is “Eu” em portuguese…)

    • In English “I are” is grammatically incorrect, we say “I am”. Hopefully I understand your question. Different languages can be tricky!

      • thank you! that was not what I wanted, but I learned a new thing in English! Also my question was assembled without a translator, it was difficult to understand what was your writing, but you could read that tava written at least … actually wanted to know whether it is mandatory to use the letter “i” in something that relates to me. or you can leave this way a sentence: “can goes?”in Portuguese “can I go? And very thank for your effort!

        • Yes, it is mandatory to use I, so you’d have to say “Can I go?” instead of “Can go?” as without “I” when it pertains to is incorrect. :)

  2. train can you make train Tuesday and spike Saturday and whatever other stuff there is longer cause I always miss them mostley because I always get the email after it ends

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