New Medieval Party 2013 Logoff Screen

Club Penguin’s 2013 Medieval Party is just under two hours away! To get ready they have released an all new logoff screen that relates to the party. Check it out. It says “Member wizards can transform into dragons & more”.


You can see castle, dragons, potions, and more! This is definitely one of Club Penguin’s cooler logoff screens in my opinion.

7 thoughts on “New Medieval Party 2013 Logoff Screen

  1. Yah i agree its pretty sweet! lol funny story i just saw that on the site then looked at my email and just then i got the email about the post haha. Perfect timing!

  2. No potions for non-members awww this party pretty sucks to me :( i would care but just a POTION it would be cool :( it SUCKS to me :(

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