A Quick Update On Being Behind On Posting

Hi everyone! I just wanted to give you a quick update on lack of posts/lack of Train Tuesday. With school back in session and it being my twelfth and final year of school before college, my work load is at its max. All this work assigned means it takes longer to do, which results in less time for other things. School is obviously more important. As a result I have been unable to have Train Tuesday last week and also today. I’m also behind on posting the following things:

  • On This Day In Club Penguin History
  • Weekly Post Roundup
  • Penguin of the Day

I will be posting Club Penguin’s updates tomorrow night right when they’re released as usual, as that is one thing I incorporate into my schedule. I’ll try to catch up on everything else post-wise soon. I just figured that it is best to keep you all informed. :) What if I made Train Tuesday Train Sunday, would it be better on the weekend?

Also, I’m posting a new Club Penguin Discussion post this week! Either on Friday or Saturday is when it’ll be published. One other thing, I added more Rockhopper meetup times to my post so check it out if you want to!

7 thoughts on “A Quick Update On Being Behind On Posting

  1. Train, we really appreciate that you are taking your time to update your site, I believe that that says a lot about you, I want to congratulate you for your ability to manage time to keep a balance of schoolwork and posting, you are doing an amazing job! As Jaleed says, if having Train Tuesday every week is inconvenient, don’t have it every week, just every so often.

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