Club Penguin’s August 2013 Parent Update Newsletter

Club Penguin has now begun sending out the parent update newsletter for this month. This one is all about the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam party.┬áIf you’re interested, here it is:

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 9.23.52 PM

Surf’s Up!

Get ready for fun in the sun! It’s the ultimate Summer Jam inspired by Disney Channel’s Teen Beach Movie. From August 22 to September 3, everyone can surf, party, and perform, plus get free gifts including a ukelele and flower lei.

Member VIP Access

Members can chill backstage at Big Momma’s with exclusive VIP access, plus get the chance to meet McKenzie and Brady penguins inspired by the movie. Buy a Membership

Backstage Sneak Peek!

Catch all the action with Teen Beach Movie behind-the-scenes and cast interview videos! Check It Out!

14 thoughts on “Club Penguin’s August 2013 Parent Update Newsletter

  1. I want the red or blue lei not A flower lei :(

    Hey train do you know any ways I can get the blue or red ( Hawaiian ) lei pls tell me if you do.

  2. Is true that I can add McKenzie and Brady with JavaScript? because I read it on another page, and if is this true, how can I do it?
    PS: I’m sorry If I have grammatical/orthographic, I speak Spanish.

  3. Train I find a cheat! To get on the stage in the members room for teen beach movie,you have to go in Big Mommas.Then click the enterence to the vip room.But before you penguin goes in there, click on the table or painting on your left thats next to the entrence of the vip room.Your welcome. It will take a couple of tries.Give me credit please

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