Club Penguin Magazine Issue 21 – Next Month’s Party Revealed!

The 21st issue of Club Penguin’s magazine is now on sale in the United Kingdom! Spydar007 has been kind enough to send me numerous pictures and information from this month’s issue so those of you without it can find out what’s inside.


Here is the table of contents for this month:

  • Page 1 – Front Cover
  • Page 2 – Disney Planes Sticker Collection Advert
  • Page 3 – Welcome New Students!
  • Page 4 – Club penguin University
  • Page 5 – C.P.T.V., Fashion4U, CP Mag’s Online Party!
  • Pages 6, 7 + 8 – ‘Snow Friend of Mine!’ Comic Part 1
  • Page 9 – Cadence’s Catwalk
  • Pages 10 + 11 – What’s your student style?
  • Pages 12 + 13 – Gary’s Excellent Experiments
  • Page 14 – Penguin Pen Toppers!
  • Page 15 – Speak Pirate with Rockhopper!
  • Page 16 – Cool Cribs!
  • Page 17 – Poster 1
  • Pages 18 + 19 – Poster 2
  • Page 20 – Poster 3
  • Pages 21, 22 + 23 – ‘Snow Friend of Mine!’ Comic Part 2
  • Pages 24 + 25 – The Mean Green Dragon!
  • Page 26 – Rookiepedia
  • Page 27 – MU Sticker Collection Advert
  • Pages 28 + 29 – PH’s Puffle Prefects!
  • Page 30 – ‘Hold The Front Page!’ Comic
  • Page 31 – Subscribe Today!
  • Pages 32 + 33 – Aunt Arctic’s Puffle Paintings!
  • Page 34 – Class President!
  • Page 35 – Answers!, Credits, Next Issue…
  • Page 36 – Back Cover – Poster 4

Here is the card with the code to unlock the items from this issue. The image on the left is the front and the image on the right is the back containing the code. The items this month are the Yellow Hoodie and Red Backpack for clothing and the Student Desk for furniture.

Those who buy the magazine also get a penguin parachute:



Here is a sample of a few random bits from the magazine issue. Due to copyright I cannot and will not post the full magazine.




Now for the preview of next month…it’s a Medieval Issue! The magazine’s theme always has to do with the party, so chances are next month’s party will be Medieval instead of the Fair. This issue goes on sale the 19th of September, the same day September’s party starts. The issue comes with two free items, a free Puffle Hat (Hard Hat) and a treasure book item.


Close ups if you’re interested:



Thanks again Spydar!

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26 thoughts on “Club Penguin Magazine Issue 21 – Next Month’s Party Revealed!

  1. I think it would be better the Fair to be in September and Medieval in November. That way, in the Medieval Party, they could have done it somehow with Thanksgiving also. The Medieval Party in September just seems…somehow odd…sure I like Medieval but I prefer Fair to be in September…

    Even if The Fair 2012 sucked, I still look forward for the Fair this year also, but different and better than any other fair.The Fair in Portuguese its called “Festa Semtembrina” or something like that…now looks like it won’t…

    Btw I thought the Western Party would return in September but anyways…

    I heard that

    • Yeah. “The Fair” in Portuguese is something like “September Party”. I prefer Medieval party in May, they could put the Card-Jitsu Snow in November, because all other Card-Jitsu parties were in November. I also like The Fair, but they need to bring new decorations and new items.

  2. Fair in November I hope – bonfires and turkeys anyone?! Cause trainman your a firework! Sorry XD aww little spydar beats me to it again…. I will have my revenge muahaha…. Seriously I’m kidding…. Or am I *giggles evilly* -Jjoeyxx

    • I’ve gone crazy, seriously… Anyway back to the post I believe we’ll have a medieval party with a twist. And the fair will be even more awesome

  3. is it only me that is disappointed in the free gifts this issue ? you would think the gift would have something to do with the medieval party but its a puffle hat , the treasure book item would be good if they would finally update the treasure book, fair should be in September though i look forward to the fair , i love the medieval party though so i’m glad its back.

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